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Why Upgrade to a Modern Burglar Alarm?

If you think about burglar alarms, you typically picture a blocky beige 10-button keypad controlling door and window sensors. While you are technically true in that that is an alarm system, it is not up to date.

Those keypads are getting old, according to the calendar. They’re antiquated in comparison to today’s technologies. Modern security systems resemble a giant smartphone or tablet mounted on the wall, and they function similarly – they do so much more than the keypad.

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Are you looking to install a Commercial Burglar Alarm System?


On an outdated push-button pad, not only are your settings options limited, but so is your ability to alter them. Whether you have the handbook on hand or not, it may be difficult to determine. In the worst-case scenario, you might mislead your security system into thinking you’re a burglar trying to meddle with it.

Modern alarm keypads, on the other hand, have the familiarity of a touchscreen, with all of the information and menu options prominently displayed. Instead of being buried in scrolling menus, the options are straightforward to grasp and simply a swipe or tap away.


The new touch screens support arming delays – after you have armed it, it will not sound the alarm for a certain time. Some will allow you to extend the alarm if the door is not yet opened. You can even schedule your alarms on a regular basis. Schedule it for your routine, and if you want, the system will arm itself.

System Disarm

Would you like to know when your system is armed and disarming? Qolsys makes an IQ Panel 2 keyboard which contains an image camera. Anyway, the keyboard takes a wonderful crisp view of anybody who made the system armed or disarmed. The IQ2’s biggest feature is the ability to automatically arm and disarm on your smartphone with Bluetooth.


Your previous alarm system is independent and can only be accessed by the physical keypad from anywhere. Although it is lovely and safe, it is really uncomfortable if you wish to use it from or without the other room.

Here you meet your new smartphone and touchpad. Your phone can link to your house already – why not your alarm system? You can simply arm or disarm your system remotely, alter its settings or even check it while you are out using a simple application. The app may connect you to a smartwatch, Amazon Alexa or the Google Home or even to Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, but it is not the only one that you may associate with your system.

Your Smart Home

The new systems also connect to your Z-wave intelligent home automation system, with a modern touch screen interfacing and even acting as the main control pad regardless of automation, in which you have connections to door locks or lights. Would you like to create an easy schedule to lock your doors and dim your light during the evening? It could not be your old keypad, but your new one can. Your old keyboard.

Local Burglar Alarm Installers Near Me

For more than 10 years all across Houston, Houston Security Solutions has been protecting houses and enterprises. We’ve been the best burglar alarm installers around, with boots on the ground in Texas for over a decade, and we update alarm systems that you already have. Whether you are seeking for the greatest burglar alarm systems or just a bit more, call us at (713) 673-8089 and we’ll give you a free advisory.