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How to Choose Security Cameras

When looking at security cameras, you’ll quickly discover that the lens a camera has is crucial for the sort of video you desire. Do you know the most essential variables to consider when selecting a security camera lens?

Normal, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses are the three most common varieties. A regular lens (one that isn’t wide angle or telephoto) records video that appears like what you’d see if you were gazing at the scene.

When you want your security camera to watch general activity in a big area like a parking lot, a wide angle lens can catch a larger view of the same subject. A wide angle lens security camera, on the other hand, isn’t meant to concentrate on little or close-up objects, thus it can’t catch fine details. Fisheye or panoramic security cameras are a specialized form of wide-angle camera.

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A telephoto lens is required for a close-up video. A telephoto lens is a long-focus lens that can concentrate on a single point, allowing it to catch anything from a distance, such as a license plate, but not an overall view of the parking lot.

Auto focus security camera lenses are another lens choice to consider; they allow you to automatically focus your security camera lens without having to change it directly.

So, how do you decide which lens to use? Think about what you want to do with the security camera before you buy it. You know to just look at wide angle security cameras if you want a security camera that can provide you a view of the full parking lot. Limit your search for telephoto lens security cameras if you wish to capture fine details from a distance. This will allow you to concentrate your efforts on only the security cameras that will assist you achieve your surveillance objectives.

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