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24 Reasons and Benefits of Video Surveillance & Business Security Cameras for your Business

Video surveillance and security cameras are essential for the overall safety and security of your organization. Here are 24 convincing reasons why you should consider installing a video surveillance security camera system in your business if you don’t already have one.

Parking Lot Security Cameras, Business Security Cameras

Security Cameras Increase Safety

Security cameras strategically placed across a business can help deter crime and break-ins. A business is four times more likely than a home to be broken into.

Shoplifting and Theft Can Be Prevented With Video Surveillance

The use of visibly positioned business security cameras can help discourage theft. Did you know that employee theft affects 64% of all small firms, and that shoplifters cost small businesses $25,000 to $33,000 per minute?

Business Security Cameras Prevent Fraud

A typical business can lose up to 5% of its revenue to fraud

Employee Theft Can Be Prevented With Video Surveillance

80% of thefts occurred in businesses with less than 100 employees, and more than half had fewer than 25.

Business Security Cameras Improves Security

Employee theft is more common in smaller businesses. This is due to the fact that there are frequently fewer protections in place.

Business Security Cameras Protects Against Burglary

Unlawful entrance accounts for 60.5 percent of all burglaries. Many individuals feel that burglaries are just “opportunistic crimes.” The bulk of burglaries, however, are forced intrusions, according to data (breaking windows, picking locks, kicking in doors, etc.). For these sorts of crimes, a solid security system, including surveillance security cameras, may be a tremendous deterrent.

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Business Security Cameras

Are you looking to install Business Security Camera Systems?

Business Security Cameras has Improved Concern for Customer Safety

The presence of a good security system including security cameras shows your customers that you care about their safety and security and can improve their overall perception of your business

Improves Parking Lot Security for Customers and Employees

Your workers are protected both directly and indirectly by video surveillance security cameras. They can capture suspicious behavior in corporate parking lots and outside the physical building, allowing firm security officials or others to guarantee employees reach their automobiles securely.

Security Cameras Can Lower The Risk of Vandalism

Vandalism costs business owners both directly and indirectly. A single act of vandalism costs an average of $3,370, according to the US Small Business Administration. The use of visible cameras has been shown to significantly minimize the threat of violence and damage at companies.

Business Security Cameras Increases Sales

With people-counting security cameras can also help you sell more products from your retail store. Security cameras may also help you sell more items from your retail business by counting customers. How? They make it simple to track consumer traffic patterns across your whole company. This allows you to shift merchandise and alter stocking levels to maximize the benefits of “natural” high-traffic locations.

24/7 Peace of Mind with Business Security Cameras

Continuous real-time monitoring — IP remote surveillance allows authorized personnel to monitor important business areas in real-time from nearly anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Business Security Cameras Can Help Avoid legal Claims and Fraud

Expenses incurred as a result of fraudulent or dishonest claims can be avoided. Being sued is one of any business’s biggest nightmares. Having video footage helps establish what truly happened if an accident, injury, harassment, or other legal concern happens on-site.

Business Security Cameras Provides Business Compliance

Many types of businesses must have a video surveillance system in place to comply with HIPAA or SEC regulations as well as internal corporate policies.

Business Security Cameras Aid Law Enforcement

For business-related criminal behavior such as theft and damage, video surveillance footage is one of the greatest investigative tools available to law enforcement.

Business Security Cameras are Cost-Effective and Scalable

Video surveillance is both affordable and expandable. Adding and integrating more cameras into an established network is simple and cost-effective as your business expands.

Business Security Cameras Provides a Record of All Activity In Your Business

Employees are protected indirectly by video surveillance, which monitors each person that enters the facility and records their activities.

Business Security Cameras Reduce the Need for Hiring Additional Security Personnel

Because employees, managers, and supervisors cannot be everywhere at the same time, a video surveillance system monitors production without adding to the cost of recruiting more people.

Business Video Surveillance Can Increase Business Profits

According to a Bloomberg Business study of the impact of monitoring at 392 eateries, companies experienced a 22% decrease in larceny AND a 7% gain in revenues where security cameras were installed and functioning.

POS Business Security Cameras Monitors Customer Transactions

Customers’ purchases are monitored via video surveillance at retail businesses. For example, if a customer claims to have purchased an expensive item but does not have the receipt, or says that a staff member was rude or misinformed, video surveillance recordings may be utilized to establish whether they were in the shop on the day in question and what happened.

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Business Security Cameras Makes Good Business Sense

Because you can’t be in two places at once as a business owner or leader, video monitoring makes excellent financial sense. Video surveillance gives you visible access to your business whenever you need it, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Business Security Cameras Can Protect Against Robberies

Robberies and burglaries are up 8.6% since 2016.

Video Surveillance Can Help You Save Money

The average cost per shoplifting incident doubled to $559.

Business Security Cameras Take a Proactive Approach to Preventing Shoplifting.

At least two different sites of the same retail chain were entered by 60% of known shoplifters.

Business Security Cameras Recognize Shoplifting & Deter Threats Before They Happen

20% of known shoplifters visited three or more locations of the same retail chain.

Business Security Camera Installation by Houston Security Solutions

Are you looking for a Business security camera installation? Houston Security Solutions is happy to provide you with a free security evaluation for your business. Even if you are unsure of what you require, our security specialists will assist you through the steps required to safeguard your business. Houston Security Solutions can help you with all of your security needs, no matter what type of institution you need surveillance support for! If you have any concerns regarding how cameras operate, what you need for your business, or the purchase and installation procedure, please contact us today at (713) 673-8089 or fill out an online quote form.

Use Houston Security Solutions to Assist You

Setting up remote viewing is important for safeguarding your home, but it is not the only consideration. Obviously, you’ll need a security camera system first, and you may also require an access control system or a burglar alarm. Professionals develop and install the greatest security systems, both commercial and domestic. Give Houston Security Solutions a call if you’re interested in purchasing a security camera suite or simply want more information about surveillance systems. We’d be delighted to share the knowledge that has made us Texas’s best local security system installation for almost a decade.