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Why You Need Business Security Cameras

On average, a burglary occurs every 12 seconds in the United States. According to FBI crime data, burglaries cost the United States more than $3.4 billion in property and personal loss each year.

Equipping your business with a security system, which can vary in cost and functionality depending on the size of your facility and surveillance demands, is the best deterrent for theft. A properly fitted security system can not only help discourage crime, but it can also assist decrease insurance costs – many insurance companies provide discounts when you purchase security cameras for your business or office.

Parking Lot Security Cameras, Business Security Cameras

Remote video surveillance monitoring, wireless connectivity for quick remote notifications, and even access management to places that require an extra degree of protection are all available with current security solutions.

According to FBI data, 60 percent of business burglary attempts occur after hours, when workers are not at work. Modern security systems, on the other hand, never take a break, and the latest and best 4K cameras offer crystal-clear footage of unwelcome intruders for company owners to provide to police enforcement. The days of blurry video and inadmissible video proof are over; with an HD security system, the cameras genuinely don’t lie.

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Security Systems Integration and Monitoring

You might spend your whole security budget on the most costly, cutting-edge surveillance system money can buy, but it will not do its job successfully if it is difficult to use for business owners and managers.

Because security systems are seldom ready to use out of the box, it is critical to engage with an experienced security integrator and installer who will assist you in learning and understanding how to run your security system in the most beneficial way for your organization.

Business Security Cameras Reducing Theft

According to a recent survey by a specialist insurer, 80 percent of theft occurrences occur at businesses with less than 100 workers, with more than half of them having fewer than 25 employees. In the same research, 58% of the instances surveyed regained none of their losses.

“Small businesses just do not have the resources to maintain adequate internal controls,” said the company’s senior vice president and national underwriting leader for crime and fidelity.

“They run on the lean side. Losses are more painful to them.”

The long and short of it is that smaller businesses suffer higher losses due to theft owing to inadequate security and inefficient insurance claims. However, the good news is that improved security systems are becoming more accessible to small and medium-sized business owners.

A properly installed security camera not only deters prospective criminals from getting into your company, but it also offers clear documentation of the occurrence that is acceptable in court.

Because forced entrance accounts for 60.5 percent of all burglaries, it is critical to install security cameras in every potential point of entry, which is frequently easier said than done.

Noticeably positioned security cameras can help discourage various forms of access while also reducing vandalism. A single act of vandalism costs an average of $3,370, according to the US Small Business Administration.

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Business Security Cameras Improves Productivity and Safety

While it is apparent that security cameras should be installed in locations where employee theft is conceivable, internal security monitoring offers additional advantages. Not only can monitoring at all entrances, exits, and parking lots make your employees feel safer, but it may also boost productivity.

You can’t keep an eye on everyone all of the time. However, with a watchful eye in the sky, you can determine if employees are working their complete shifts or wasting time. Employee monitoring is no longer simply for capturing potential theft events.

Are you overworked or underworked? With the proper security cameras, you can see exactly what your staff are doing throughout the day and whether any changes are required to increase efficiency and production. Employee monitoring software is even available in modern security systems, and it may send warnings if your staff are not in the correct work area or if other problems arise.

While internal cameras can help increase productivity and increase perceptions of safety in the office, you must be careful not to invade anyone’s privacy. If you are employing cameras to track employee mobility, it is critical that you clarify that the cameras are for their protection. Otherwise, you risk losing employee confidence and comfort in the workplace.

Business Security Cameras

Scalability of Business Security Cameras

Is your company expanding? When you work with the appropriate security camera provider and installation, you will always be able to extend your system. However, if you try to build a system yourself, you will have to guess which security cameras are compatible with your NVR, let alone with each other, when it comes time to expand.

Adding and integrating additional security cameras onto your previously established network is straightforward and cost-effective when you deal with a reputable supplier.

On the other hand, if your company decides to research, buy, and install a system without the assistance of a skilled expert, you may wind up with a system that is either expensive to update or incapable of being upscaled. Without adequate security training and understanding of the latest products, you run the danger of making early mistakes that will make future expansion more expensive and difficult.

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Security Camera Advice and Installation by Houston Security Solutions

Are you looking for a security camera installation? Houston Security Solutions is happy to provide you with a free security evaluation for your business. Even if you are unsure of what you require, our security specialists will assist you through the steps required to safeguard your business. Houston Security Solutions can help you with all of your security needs, no matter what type of institution you need surveillance support for! If you have any concerns regarding how cameras operate, what you need for your business, or the purchase and installation procedure, please contact us today at (713) 673-8089 or fill out an online quote form.

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Setting up remote viewing is important for safeguarding your home, but it is not the only consideration. Obviously, you’ll need a security camera system first, and you may also require an access control system or a burglar alarm. Professionals develop and install the greatest security systems, both commercial and domestic. Give Houston Security Solutions a call if you’re interested in purchasing a security camera suite or simply want more information about surveillance systems. We’d be delighted to share the knowledge that has made us Texas’s best local security system installation for almost a decade.