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Best Houston access control installers and access control company

Working with the top Texas-based installers and technology suppliers Houston has to offer will result in the best access control system that meets your demands and future-proofs your facility for many years. Next-generation mobile access control system from Houston Security Solutions is cloud-based, cutting-edge, simple to use, and regarded as best in class for any building that wants a smooth user experience and full flexibility without compromising security.

As a result of its extensive network of expert system integrators, Houston Security Solutions has become a market leader in the physical access control sector, providing service and support to clients all throughout the greater Houston area. More significantly, our skilled system integration partners have years of expertise implementing access control systems in the Houston area, and they know how to work with you to find the finest solution for your budget, security requirements, and building specifications. We can assist you in finding the appropriate access control solution for your requirements, whether you are moving into a new site and require a whole new physical access control system, or if you need to upgrade or expand upon an existing one.

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The right access control solution for your Houston business or building

Houston Security Solutions, together with our certified access control and commercial security installers in Houston, are well established solution providers of physical security systems across the South Texas metro area for all commercial spaces, including office, retail, education, places of worship, industrial and multi-family buildings and campuses. We offer robust, unique access control capabilities which give you a wide range of choices when it comes to supporting a variety of credential types, such as mobile, keycard, fob, and pincode and access entry methods, including door, garage, elevator, and turnstile. Below are some of the benefits provided by Houston Security Solutions:

The Best access control Houston

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access control system, access control houston, access control installer

Access control without restriction using a mobile device

Mobile credentials are quickly replacing keycards and fobs for convenience and security as the market continues to demand the modernisation of buildings and IoT becomes increasingly vital to providing the services your tenants want. When deciding which physical access control system to buy, investing in a system that accepts mobile credentials and is supported by cloud-based software is becoming increasingly vital.

Triple Unlock is a system that Houston Security Solutions patented as being revolutionary and exclusive to the sector. This technique uses three signals to swiftly and consistently unlock a door, ensuring the cell phone functions as a credential each time (Bluetooth, WiFi and Cellular). Also, you may keep your phone in your pocket or handbag as you approach the door thanks to Houston Security Solutions’ innovative mobile technology, and simply wave your hand in front of the door scanner or intercom system to unlock. The finest illustration of frictionless access is provided here, and Houston Security Solutions is the industry pioneer in this field.

Support for access control, keycards and fobs

Every door and entry enabled by Houston Security Solutions enables the usage of keycards and fobs in addition to mobile as a credential method for opening doors. This means that if you decide to maintain your current cards and fobs, they will all function on your new Houston Security Solutions system. Nevertheless, if you don’t currently have any, Houston Security Solutions may also give you new, encrypted cards and fobs. You now have an even more secure option for credentials thanks to the encrypted cards and fobs from Houston Security Solutions, which are impossible to copy or replicate.

No need to manage servers or install software

Regrettably, a lot of access control installers still promote and sell outdated systems that demand the system’s owner to purchase a sizable quantity of pricey software as well as a number of servers to run that software in order to operate. This equates to expensive initial expenditures and ongoing expenses to maintain and update all that software and the necessary servers. It frequently also implies that you can’t readily use the program because it is usually hidden in an IT closet or beneath a guard desk.

On the other hand, the software from Houston Security Solutions is cloud-based, allowing you to administer your access control system from any location, at any time, using any browser. You may get real-time reports and analytics from any location. There is no need for training to utilize the program because it is simple to use and straightforward to explore. Also, users are synchronized by your HR and IT tools, greatly simplifying day-to-day system management. The best part is that the software updates in real time, ensuring that you always have access to the newest and best things we have to offer without having to schedule updates or purchase new software for each of your sites.

Nationwide network of trained and licensed access control installers

Our extensive network of system integration partners around the country are skilled professionals that can handle any access control issue. Whether you need national service and support for several buildings throughout the country, local service and support for a single facility in the Houston region, or anything in between, we can meet your demands.

Beyond access control, our licensed installers and integration partners can assist you with all of your security requirements, including video surveillance systems, biometric access, burglar alarms, and more. In order to best serve you, please let us know how we can help. We will then connect you with the ideal installer.

Customer service that is pleasant

The fact that Houston Security Solutions offers our end users 24/7 assistance through web, email, and phone for any training and technical questions sets us apart from other commercial access control suppliers. In order to help you with your security needs, our Houston-based integration and installation partners are prompt and accessible to meet with you on site.

We value our customers’ queries and feedback and give it a great deal of attention. We take customer service seriously and have teams ready to assist you since we can only improve our product through direct consumer input.

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