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What is a Maglock?

A maglock is an electric locking mechanism that employs low-voltage power to secure an entry. They are made up of an electromagnet and an armature plate and are also known as an electromagnetic lock or magnetic lock. The armature plate is a part of the door, and the electromagnet is a part of the door.

The armature plate is drawn to the electromagnet when it is powered, which produces a magnetic flux. The entry remains secure as a consequence of the locking operation. Since the surface area is quite big, the magnetic flux’s force is sufficient to keep the door closed even while under strain.

The door is opened by the maglock, which is removed when the power is turned off. This system is referred to be fail-safe since it provides for safe evacuation when the power goes off.

The term “Magic” refers to a kind of lock that is used in the automotive industry. They are perfect for high security applications since they don’t depend on the door handle and have no moving components.

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Maglock Holding Force & Power

A coil of magnetizable wires surrounds the metal plate in the maglock. As a result, the number of coils increases the holding force. The term “strength” or “holding force” of a Maglock is measured in kg. This explains how much tugging power it can tolerate.

The lowest holding force is around 600 pounds, while the strongest versions are closer to 3000 pounds. A 1200–1500 pound maglock is often used to secure doors.

To be safe, magnetic locks need continual power. They need a dependable power supply as a result. A specialized, independently fused 12VDC or 24VAC power source is needed for the majority of maglocks. The power source, which is normally 120VAC, must be hooked into the building’s electrical infrastructure. The power supply should also be connected to the building’s backup generator and placed on a separate electrical circuit with its own breaker.

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Types of Maglocks

The Conventional/Pull type maglock is the most popular. The magnet is positioned in the doorway of the building, and the door is closed when the magnet is removed. The armature plate is mounted on the door and is connected to the magnet.

If the door swings in a non-standard direction, modifications and unique brackets may be needed. In order to accommodate an inswinging door, for instance, the magnetic lock must be mounted higher on the frame, flush with the top frame, and a “z-bracket” must be used to raise the armature plate.

A Shear type maglock, on the other hand, is totally concealed inside the door frame. Since the door and frame must be made before they can be placed, this sort of lock is not often utilized. This is doable for new doors, but it is not viable to retrofit an existing door with a shear type maglock.

When double doors, frameless glass doors, cages, gates, or fence doors need to be secured, specialty maglocks are available.


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Building Permit Requirements

The municipal building code requires that you have a valid license to operate a business. The standards, processes, and costs vary per municipality. Numerous codes call for maglocks to unlock in response to alarms and interaction with fire alarm systems.

The only way to know whether you’re going to get a job is if you have a job. The City of Toronto’s website has a link to a form that allows you to apply for a permission to use a Maglock.

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When to use a Maglock

The cost of a new car is not included in the cost of a new car insurance policy. Having said that, there are certain circumstances in which a maglock is the sole available weapon.

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Securing an Exit

An emergency exit or any other form of exit may only be locked with a maglock. The fire alarm system’s ability to detect fires is a requirement for the proper operation of the system.

Managing Access in Both Directions
If you are implementing a card reader system and need to manage access from both sides of a door. The only way to get a hold of this is if you’re willing to pay for it.

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The number of people living in the building is determined by the number of people who are in it, and the number of people who are in it is determined by the number of people who are in the building. They will have to swipe their cards at a card reader on each side of the entrance to enter and depart the building.

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How much does a Maglock Cost?

The cost of a new car is the same as the cost of a new car. Hardware costs between $350-750 and labor costs between $500-$800.

Maglocks are not a good option because to the additional cost and hassle of getting a construction permit. The procedure includes obtaining electrical engineer designs, constructing emergency pull stations, checking that the emergency illumination is sufficient, and integrating it with the fire alarm system.

Avoiding a magnetic lock is advised if at all possible. For a single door, the extra cost might range from $7000 to $10,000. The prices per door are reduced if you install numerous maglocks.

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