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Retail Surveillance – Because inventory is directly visible to the public, Retail Surveillance is unusual among sectors. Inventory loss is quite likely once the primary perimeter defenses of shutters, doors, and locks are opened. Hence, security cameras for retail establishments are a crucial layer of security that all proprietors in the retail sector should take into account.

This article lists the numerous advantages of installing security cameras in retail establishments and provides an overview of their characteristics.

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The importance of a retail store security cameras

Security cameras for stores are effectively round-the-clock security guards who monitor employee safety and security, stop theft and security breaches, and help with liability and claims if necessary.

Employee security and safety: Installing cameras in retail establishments increases employee security and comfort, especially if they are installed by a licensed security camera installer who checks for blind spots.

Store owners might also think about incorporating body-worn cameras into their retail security systems as an extra layer of protection. Video security will detect any event where a consumer begins to verbally abuse a staff member right away, allowing for prompt and effective resolution of the dispute or problem.

Liability/claims: Retail video security footage can be a priceless asset in the event of litigation and claims emanating from a variety of incident types. Among the most typical examples of these situations are:

Third-party property damage or personal injury caused by dropped objects, slips and falls, or general negligence
Failing to provide appropriate protection to stop criminal attacks inside stores
Security and loss prevention claims
Theft and crime prevention The presence of retail security cameras serves as a deterrent to shoplifting and retail theft, such as under-ringing by customers or checkout workers during self-checkout. Law enforcement uses video evidence to successfully prosecute people.


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Retail security camera shape, size, and form

A store wants everyone who enters the building to be aware that video security is in place to deter theft and property damage. That point is therefore clear when classic CCTV-style bullet cameras are installed at entrances. Yet, it makes sense within the shop area to minimize the feeling of intrusion, hence multisensor and dome cameras are frequently used solely for aesthetic reasons and a more subtle approach.

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Considerations for shopping center video camera security in malls

Security cameras are not just necessary for stand-alone retail establishments. Shopping center security is equally important. The installation of security cameras in malls can affect the safety of patrons and staff in crucial areas such entrances, crossroads, elevators, plazas, and lobbies. Parking lots, garages, and merchandise loading bays all require supervision.

In order to survive extreme weather conditions as well as dust and oil, outdoor cameras need to be vandal-proof and compliant with ingress prevention regulations for particles and moisture (look for IP66 or IP67 ratings).

Commercial security cameras for business

  • Business security cameras with enhanced coverage and IR that improve situational awareness
  • Video analytics with AI to find incidents
  • Hours of video are easily sorted through by Video Search to locate a suspicious person or vehicle.
  • Integrates with third-party ONVIF® compliant platforms
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The top features of retail store security cameras

It pays to be aware of the features that are accessible and what they have to offer, whether you are planning for a single camera or a complete security network. This enables you to comprehend the technical terms, compile a preliminary wish list, and choose the most crucial features for your shop security camera system.

notifications for mobile devices
Purchasing a retail surveillance camera video management system with mobile capabilities gives constant real-time connectivity to camera feeds or internet analytics, right on your smartphone or tablet. This function enables security staff to receive mobile alerts on their phones for anomalies or occurrences in the business, such as theft, break-ins, or crises.

Some carriers also let you alter camera settings using mobile apps. This could be helpful for large retail locations that use PTZ CCTV cameras because it allows the user to make modifications without being restricted to a particular workstation. Staff who have access to this functionality benefit from valuable quick control and response capabilities. The finest systems also let you control access from anywhere, at any time.

HD video resolution
When fine detail is necessary for visibility of small items and observing clandestine activities, such as theft or suspicious transactions, high-resolution film provides clarity and more certainty.

Not all sites may require exceptionally high-resolution video security cameras, but by selecting the right video resolution, you may create unique deployments that are tailored to the needs of each zone or area.

operating at night
Retail surveillance cameras must also be able to record during the day and at night when the stores are closed. The necessity for constant in-store lighting is eliminated by cameras with infrared (IR) or low-light technologies. It is useful for exterior and perimeter cameras and enables a gentle transition from day to night without the need for extra lighting.

Motion detection
The effectiveness and efficiency of retail surveillance video systems can be considerably increased by a motion detection feature that makes use of cutting-edge AI analytics. Unusual Motion Detection from Avigilon saves operators from having to skip through extended periods of inactivity or big video data files in order to discover an incident by constantly learning what regular activity looks like in your area. This kind of capability is very helpful for identifying video of after-hours activity when the store is typically empty.

If intruders are discovered, lights and alarms can also be connected to the retail surveillance camera system to serve as a deterrent, which is highly successful at making them leave once they realize they are being recorded.

Detection of Weird Activities (UAD)
UAD is a development that makes use of cutting-edge AI technology to find unusual activity. For instance, fast-moving automobiles or people who show up in strange places. Systems immediately inform users if they record any strange footage, which can subsequently be investigated by security personnel or utilized to activate a lockdown system.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) For interior retail surveillance, a fisheye security camera is usually sufficient to offer visibility across the store. A store could wish to spend money on a high-speed PTZ camera for outdoor applications and larger retail premises. With this feature, a remote operator can zoom in, tilt the camera up and down, and pan it horizontally. The best cameras for outdoor retail locations have 360-degree PTZ views and strong zoom, even up to a staggering 36x.

cloud-connected management
Video management systems with cloud capabilities are well suited to IP cameras. A totally cloud-based approach does away with the requirement for on-premise servers and gives authorized users access and management from any location with internet access. But, many on-site management systems now provide cloud-connected options for viewing live and recorded video, as well as for remotely checking the health of cameras.

video compression
The size of video files is not as important as it once was because to video compression. Retail surveillance system installers can recommend the finest video storage options for your location, such as on-site servers and NVR systems with strong AI analytics capabilities to increase monitoring.

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Add new store security cameras to an existing system

It should be simple to upgrade an existing retail surveillance camera system by simply plugging in feature-rich contemporary devices that are compatible with the current infrastructure. Using systems with ONVIF as the default protocol is one approach to keep the original retail cameras while upgrading them with the newest technologies.

In essence, it’s a standard API or “connecting box” that enables communication between security devices from various vendors and a centralized system or one another.

This means that components of the current retail surveillance system can be improved without having to completely rebuild the system or network. Also, it makes it possible to deploy cameras with cutting-edge features, potentially for unique requirements in particular zones, while reducing costs.

Improving retail store security with analytics

While security cameras for stores today have improved in functionality and clarity, analytics for retail video management systems have seen some of the biggest strides.

Owners and managers will have more data flowing in as IP store camera systems continue to grow smarter with analytics technology, therefore they will require tools that make it easier for them to discover the information they need.

Making video records searchable, for instance, drastically cuts down on the time and work required by security personnel to find, recognize, and evaluate an incident.

Utilizing Avigilon’s Appearance Store owners can more readily locate individuals or cars of interest using search video analytics on retail security camera footage, such as to help find a lost child at a mall.

Store security camera systems are now proactive rather than merely reactive thanks to AI’s assistance in identifying suspicious activities. It allows business owners and managers additional real-time control over safeguarding the retail environment and its surroundings.

Retail Surveillance

Store owners and small business owners will benefit from speaking with retail store security camera installation professionals to maximize ROI and avoid using subpar video equipment. Professionals can use the needs of your company to suggest the cameras and technologies that will provide the best security and financial savings.

Each store, mall, or shopping center has at least a few particular criteria. Handling specific criteria appropriately prevents the development of coverage gaps for retail store security cameras.

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