Access instantly with your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Brivo and Apple Wallet
Brivo and Apple Wallet

Tenants, their workers, and visitors can now effortlessly enter their corporate locations with just their iPhone or Apple Watch, including doors, elevators, turnstiles, printers, and more, thanks to Houston Security Solutions' employee badge in Apple Wallet. To unlock, they only need to place their Apple Watch or iPhone close to the scanner. It is simple, practical, and confidential.

Now's The Time.

Find out how to make your property the go-to place for tenants.

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    Deploying employee badges on iPhone has never been simpler.

    Employee badges are simply controlled by internal personnel and effortlessly integrate into your company's existing access control systems on iPhone and Apple Watch. Starting is therefore rapid and effective.

    Brivo and Apple Wallet
    Brivo and Apple Wallet

    Easy. Convenient. Private.

    Employee badge. Now with less badge.

    Tenants, employees, and visitors can enter and exit their corporate locations without a physical key if they have their employee badge stored in Apple Wallet on their iPhone or Apple Watch. One less item to haul, then.

    They just need an iPhone. That’s it.

    Tenants, employees, and visitors may use their employee badge in Apple Wallet without having to wake up or unlock their iPhone or Apple Watch while using Express Mode.

    Access to their space, even when their iPhone needs a charge.

    Their employee badge will still function in Apple Wallet even if their iPhone has to be charged. They still have access to Power Reserve for up to five hours, so they can still unlock their spaces.

    Employee badge security, built into iPhone.

    The security and privacy functions included in iPhone and Apple Watch are fully utilized by employee badge in Apple Wallet.

    * Data is private and safe since the employee credential in Apple Wallet is saved on the smartphone, which means Apple cannot see the locations your tenants' staff members and guests access.

    * The Locate My app allows users to remotely lock and erase their badge as well as their iPhone or Apple Watch if they lose their iPhone or Apple Watch.

    * For areas that need it, badge readers may employ Face ID or Touch ID on an iPhone to offer an extra layer of protection.

    Brivo and Apple Wallet

    Sounds Like a Good Idea, Right?

    Your Houston Security Solutions specialist can respond to your inquiries and outline the numerous advantages of introducing Apple Wallet to your neighborhood.


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    You may concentrate on what's essential thanks to the special security-as-a-service concept offered by Houston Security Solutions. By establishing a tailored solution that satisfies your demands and keeping the system up and running, we provide the most effective operating experience for your property.