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IP Security Surveillance

IP Security Surveillance

Multipurpose IP Security Cameras

Meeting today’s video surveillance challenges.

The market for video surveillance is flourishing as a result of rising individual and public security concerns as well as a technological change. As clients benefit from adaptable, commercially available security and video surveillance systems, the move to network video has become a reality. Systems can scale considerably more simply as security management via the IP network grows and intelligence capabilities are extended to network cameras. This shift to open networks makes monitoring considerably more efficient and effective than it has ever been. The switch to network video presents new opportunities for the security manager where digital technology can be used to its fullest potential.

IP Security Surveillance

The IP Way
How it works

Video can be sent across a network using a network video system without a separate physical infrastructure. Instead of specialized point-to-point wiring like that found in analog video systems, it transports information over regular IP networks like Local Area Networks (LANs) and the Internet.

IP Security Surveillance
IP Security Surveillance

IP Security Surveillance

Ready to upgrade your old Analog system?

There may have already been significant investments in analog CCTV systems. But existing analog CCTV investments do not need to be lost due to the technological change to network video. You can incorporate your current analog system into an IP-based solution using a network video solution.

Extremely beneficial features of IP video surveillance systems include excellent image quality and cutting-edge functions. These advantages make the transition to an IP system inevitable. Regardless of where your analog system is, we can assist you with finding the ideal video surveillance solution for your company.

IP Security Surveillance

The benefits of

IP Video Surveillance

Comparing IP surveillance to classic CCTV analog video systems, there are several benefits. Look more closely at the many ways network cameras have improved over analog ones.

IP Security Surveillance

Maximizing your system’s capabilities

Progressive scan: Accurate depiction of moving objects
Progressive scan technology is used by many network cameras, which provides a clearer image of moving objects. Due to the complete image being caught at once by our cutting-edge image capture technology, even photographs with significant motion are crystal clear.

Increasing savings and dependability with Power over Ethernet
Power over Ethernet (PoE, IEEE 802.3af standard), which is not available for analog cameras, refers to a method of powering cameras using the same type of standard connection that carries video. Reduced installation costs and freedom in camera placement are only two advantages of PoE. Additionally, cameras can get centralized backup power from the server room, allowing them to continue to function in the case of a power outage.

Megapixel resolution and HDTV: Discover what you’ve been missing.
A megapixel network camera can capture more detail or has a wider field of view. It has the benefit of displaying more detail with a higher pixel density, as well as the ability to digitally pan, tilt, and zoom as well as provide multi-view video. Even better video quality with full frame rate and good color representation is offered by an HDTV network camera.

For complete installation flexibility, use wireless networking
The best and most economical alternative for video surveillance installation is occasionally wireless solutions. It is helpful, for instance, in ancient buildings where installing wires would harm the interior or in settings where it is frequently necessary to relocate cameras to different locations. Additionally, sites can be connected with the technology without the need for pricey ground wiring.

IP Security Surveillance
IP Security Surveillance

IP Security Surveillance

Quick view of total cost of ownership

Independent research on the differences between analog and digital solutions reveals that analog systems cost roughly 50% more to install, configure, and train on than IP systems. For instance, compared to IP-based systems, analog systems’ cabling costs are roughly three times higher. The main justification is because coaxial cable costs more than Ethernet cable.

Additionally, Power over Ethernet eliminates the requirement for electrical connections in the IP system, whereas analog often requires separate power cable. Separate cabling is also required to manage analog PTZ cameras. A network video system, which is 20% less expensive than DVRs, enables customers to combine open PC platforms, open storage, and video management software.

The cost of the network video system is always lower if an IP infrastructure is established. The total cost of ownership is lower for network video systems with 40 or more cameras compared to analog-based systems.

The break-even point between IP and analog systems is 32 cameras. In typical cases, network video systems cost less than 32 cameras, while between 16 and 32 cameras, the cost of analog systems is generally similar to or slightly cheaper.

Other advantages of network video solutions include scalability, simpler system integration, improved image quality, better maintenance and servicing, simpler troubleshooting, and many more.

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IP Security Surveillance

Smart IP Security Surveillance

Experience smart commercial security with the help of our security camera suppliers. Modern video analytics are used in Houston Security Solutions’ smart security camera systems to give your cameras a host of added functionality.

We offer smart video analytics software as part of our installation services for IP security surveillance systems, allowing cameras to distinguish individuals, objects, moving vehicles, and license plates. Discover why we are the ideal camera system provider for your project right now.

IP Security Surveillance

IP Security Surveillance Installers

Houston Security Solutions IP Security Surveillance guarantees crystal clear, high-resolution recording, flexible scalability with your business, and consistent monitoring 24/7. Depending on your needs, we can integrate a variety of functions, such as remote surveillance via a smartphone app, video verification, and practical business statistics. This guarantees that your IP security camera system will protect your company with effective and personalized security. Our professionals can install IP cameras on your current network or, if necessary, set them up on a separate network.

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