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Data Cable Installation

Structured Cabling Company

Data cable installation, structured cabling installation, voice and data cabling, network installation, and fiber optic installation are all specialties of Structured Cabling. We are your go-to low voltage contractor when it comes to selecting the best structured cabling companies for your project.

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Structured Cabling Solutions

Low Voltage Contractor

Do you want to expand on your existing low voltage wiring? Do you require low voltage wiring for new construction? We have a team of highly skilled low voltage electricians and engineers ready to design, build, and install your data cabling system.

Low voltage wiring services

  • When you hire RapidHandy Houston Security Solutions as your low voltage electrical contractor, you prioritize network integrity.
  • Inquire about low voltage cabling options and solutions with our experienced low voltage cable installers.
  • Maintain contact with the data cabling contractor partner who is committed to your success and the success of your project.
Cabling Solutions For Your Business

Voice and Data Cabling Solutions For Your Business

Network Cabling Services

  • Cat5 Cable Installation, also known as Cat5e cable installation, supports fast data transmission at 10 to 100 Mbps speeds for Cat5 and up to 1000Mbps for Cat5e.
  • Cat 6 Cable network installation is compatible with Cat 5 and Cat5e cables, supporting even faster data transmission to 10Gbps.
  • Fiber Optic Cable Installation by a certified fiber optic contractor provides speed and reliability for the heaviest of internet tasks.

Office Network Cabling

With Houston Security Solutions’ expert network cable installation services for office voice and data cabling installations, you can expect the best. Structured data cabling connects your computer, phone, copiers, wireless, cameras, and other electronic devices to your phone and data network.

Voice and Data Cabling

Get network cabling services that are customized to your specific requirements.

Fiber Optic Installation

Fiber optic cable installation is intended for high-performance data networking because it has a higher bandwidth capacity and is less susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

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