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License Plate Reader Cameras

License Plate Reader (LPR) cameras read the license plates of every vehicle that enters or exits your property with high-resolution sensors. This makes it simple to sift through camera footage and track down individual vehicles. You may white-list and watch-list license plates, giving you ultimate control over who has access to your place.

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Uses of License Plate Readers

LPR systems are commonly used by police stations to track known offenders, but they can benefit any organization by increasing security and optimizing operations. Parking lot security, campuses, gated communities, residences, tolling, and hotel overstay management all benefit from LPRs.

Installing license plate readers simplifies visitor control, decreases legal liability by giving recorded proof of license plate numbers, and aids in the identification and capture of criminals. The license plate reader camera systems installed by RapidHandy Houston Security Solutions are perfectly tailored to defend your business.

License Plate Reader Camera, Parking Lot Security Cameras

License Plate Reader Cameras

The best security cameras for reading license plates are specially developed license plate reader cameras. Most cameras can’t reliably capture license plates in a variety of weather and lighting circumstances, let alone in moving automobiles. Because LPRs are specifically built to collect license plates, they have the tools to always capture the proper number.

LPR cameras use high-resolution sensors and unique optical character recognition (OCR) to capture license plate numbers clearly at all times of day and night. Because of their fast shutter speeds and headlight adjustment, they can capture excellent shots while avoiding glare from license plates.

License Plate Reader Camera Integration

License Plate Reader Camera Systems, alarms, gate access control and smartphone apps can all be linked with LPR software systems. This allows you to keep watch-listed vehicles out and receive security warnings even when you’re not on the premises.

Gates can be set to open automatically for white-listed cars and to prohibit access and give quick notifications if vehicles without credentials try to enter the property using access control and LPR software.

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