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Brivo and Apple Wallet
Brivo Access Control Dealers

Brivo Access Control Authorized Dealer

Look no further for a Brivo access control dealer who knows the problems of current security systems. As one of Brivo Access Control Systems’ top dealer, we’ve worked on access control projects ranging from a single door to hundreds of doors. Brivo Dealers must understand how to manage a network environment that must be encrypted, secure, and safe.

Brivo’s variety of options integrations with some of the most well-known companies in office productivity as well as further developments in mobile credential technology. Brivo has been the king in cloud access control since its beginning, and we at Houston Security Solutions rely on them as our number one access control solution for our clients.

Brivo Access Control Installers, access control houston
Brivo Access Control Dealers

Brivo Cloud Based Access Control

Brivo Cloud Based Access Control technology includes a browser-based software interface that allows you to control your access control system from any location. A cloud-based access control system is continually pinging a signal to the cloud because it understands how to “connect.”

If internet service is lost, the control panel can still make choices on allowing and refusing access since the data is kept locally on the panel and does not require connection to the internet. However, because it is internet-connected, administrators may simply add or remove users, make or update schedules, grant or revoke access to credentials, and perform any other administrative activity from any location.

Brivo Access Control Integrations

Using the Brivo On Air app to integrate an Eagle Eye camera bridge and Milestone XProtect in a single view delivers a strong tech stack that unifies your video surveillance and access management systems. Tethering video clips in your activity history allows you to verify people in real time against their badges. Integrations with 2N and Aiphone enable you to operate your intercom systems and access control from a single software environment.

Visitor management integrations with proxyclick, Envoy, Easy Lobby, Savance, and Who’s on Location provide the most comprehensive view of visitors and workers in a single location. Okta, Azure Active Directory, and G Suite integrations provide Single Sign-On and unparalleled identity management.

Brivo Access Control Installers, Brivo Access Control Systems
Brivo Access Control Installers

Brivo On Air

Brivo On Air makes it simple for users to manage the administrative controls of an access control system. The Brivo On Air App is available on any device and has an attractive user interface and a strong feature set.

Giving consumers the opportunity to unlock doors via a phone app offers a comfortable and secure environment for any sort of institution. Brivo does provide an on-premise solution, however Brivo On Air is what distinguishes them from the rest of the access control business. Get a free demo of the #1 cloud access control software now.

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Brivo Access Control Installers

Brivo Access Control Dealers

Our commitment to your security does not end with installation: we continue to provide Brivo maintenance services for the full period of your access control system’s life. We have the license and experience to maintain all Brivo systems functioning smoothly and safely, whether it’s a modest setup or a huge enterprise security system.

Brivo Access Control Installers, access control installer, access control houston, access control installer
Brivo Access Control Installers

Brivo Access Control Installers

Houston Security Solutions, a certified Brivo installer, provides, installs, and integrates Brivo access control systems for businesses of all sizes. Our installation specialists understand how to integrate Brivo security with appropriate high-quality technology to create the optimal solution for your security requirements. We personally supervise the whole installation and setup procedure, guaranteeing that your Brivo system operates securely.

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Brivo and Apple Wallet

With employee badge in Apple Wallet now available with Houston Security Solutions, tenants, their staff and their guests can easily access their corporate spaces with just their iPhone or Apple Watch—from doors and elevators to turnstiles, printers, and more. They just need to hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the reader to unlock. It’s easy, convenient, and private.

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