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Business Access Control Systems

Access Control Installers

RapidHandy creates door access control solutions that are both effective and simple to use. We have over a years of experience designing, developing, and installing key card access systems, both wired and wireless. We understand the importance of managing who enters and exits your building as access control installers. For businesses, industrial facilities, warehouses, residential complexes, general contractors, commercial buildings, retail businesses, and technological enterprises, we specialize in designing door access control systems.

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    Access Control Installation

    Professional Access Control Installers

    Professional access control system installers carefully select, place, and integrate each component in a key card door entry system to ensure seamless operation and compatibility, decreasing risk and alleviating anxiety by preventing unauthorized entrance.

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    Access Control Solutions in Houston

    • Entries and exits are constantly monitored and tracked. Without proper authorization, no one can obtain access. When unauthorized access is attempted, access systems will sound an alarm.
    • There is a lengthy audit trail. This comprehensive information allows you to better monitor employee access by showing who was where and when.
    • If needed, remote access is available. Using new cloud-based access control technology, authorized workers may make system modifications and monitor audit trails from anywhere.

    An access control installer is familiar with how door access control systems work as well as the appropriate equipment to employ in the access control technique of choice. Our skilled specialists will oversee the installation of your access control system from start to finish, as well as provide ongoing maintenance.

    Access Control Software

    We offer access control software that integrates with VMS and CCTV systems to guarantee that individuals entering and exiting match their validated credentials.

    Credentials and Readers

    We have the most up-to-date credentials and readers for your access control system, whether it's biometric fingerprint scanners or smart card readers.

    Intercoms and Telephone Entry Systems

    For apartment complexes, office buildings, and other commercial applications, we supply intercoms and telephone entry systems.

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