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LTS Security Authorized Dealer

Authorized LTS Security Camera Installers

RapidHandy Houston Security Solutions provides, install, and integrate any LTS cameras into your new or current security system as an LTS Security Authorized Dealer.

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Security Camera Installation

Authorized LTS Security Camera Dealer

Monitor and record your properties with LTS security cameras.

With constant surveillance and video recordings, LTS security systems keep businesses safe. Site Admins and security personnel may use LTS cameras to remotely monitor buildings, rooms, and outdoor locations at all times, without needing to be there. Employee regulation is aided by surveillance systems, which allow administrators and workers to notice and respond to problems. They help decrease liability by preserving incident evidence.

We installed LTS’s highest level video surveillance and video equipment. Our expert technicians install LTS security cameras, ensuring proper setup and positioning for the greatest possible coverage.

Authorized LTS Security Camera Installers

With long-lasting LTS Security Cameras, you can protect your valuable property and material.

High-quality LTS Security Camera equipment is meticulously built to satisfy your company’s security demands on a continuous basis. LTS Security Cameras continuously capture and preserve footage of places, allowing for incident detection, deterring crime, and giving documented proof in the event of disagreements or false litigation.

We provide LTS’s top-of-the-line security cameras, network video recorders, and video surveillance packages, including PTZ cameras and license plate cameras, as an authorized LTS distributor. Our specialists will handpick, configure, install, and maintain your LTS security cameras, ensuring that your system is tailored to match your facility’s demands.

Authorized LTS Security Dealer

LTS Security Cameras for Your Business

With LTS security cameras, you can keep an eye on your facilities and personnel.

LTS video surveillance cameras improve corporate security by reducing employee harassment, deterring crime, and assisting administrators in enforcing safety rules at all times. The ability to monitor places remotely without having to travel to the area can also save time and money for administrators.

LTS security cameras are high-quality, weather-resistant, and adaptable, with many of them including infrared night vision. LTS offers a variety of IP and HD-TVI cameras, as well as PTZ and license plate cameras, for both outdoor and interior use. Our technicians will set up your LTS cameras so that your security system never misses a break-in.

Houston Security Solutions is a trusted LTS installer who offers, installs, and integrates LTS security camera systems for businesses of all sizes. Our installation professionals understand how to mix high-quality LTS cameras with video surveillance technologies to create the right security system for your needs. We oversee the whole installation and setup procedure to ensure that your LTS system runs well.

Parking Lot Security Camera Installation

For property managers, contractors we design, engineer, and install parking lot security cameras.

Video Management Software

We integrate video management software with security systems to provide proactive asset and customer protection.

Cloud Based Security Cameras

Eliminate the cost of a traditional DVR/NVR security system by switching to cloud-based security camera storage.

Video Monitoring Services

To save money on on-site personnel, use video monitoring services and security camera analysis software.

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