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Business Security Systems

Alarm.com Installer

Alarm.com products provide smart business security. We've been supplying businesses with customized security systems for almost ten years as an Alarm.com installation. Complete Alarm.com security systems with cellular connectivity for simple mobile alerts and administration are available to companies.

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Business Security Systems

Authorized Alarm.com Installer & Dealer

With Alarm.com’s full-service wireless security platform, we aim to provide you maximum control over your security system as an authorized alarm.com installer & dealer. Our specialists know how to set up Alarm.com security from start to finish, as well as how to connect Alarm.com technology with third-party systems. Indoor and outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, video analytics, and applications that allow users to see live and recorded video footage are all available through Alarm.com.

By using a smartphone app or a web browser, you can monitor your company security from anywhere with Alarm.com. Alarm.com integrates sophisticated intrusion detection, security camera surveillance, access control, and energy management into one cost-effective solution as a white-label service. Alarm.com security has a wide range of integrations and is frequently used in conjunction with many of the most popular third-party security systems on the market.

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    Alarm.com Features

    • App-based video streaming
    • Smart business analytics
    • Remote wellness monitoring through the app
    • Energy-saving Smart Thermostat
    • Compatible with Google and Alexa platforms
    • Crash and bash protection
    • Environmental hazard detection
    • Motion-triggered sensors
    Alarm.com Installer

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    Business Security Systems

    Alarm.com Maintenance

    Any Alarm.com repair services you might require to maintain your system operating properly can be provided by our professionals. We thoroughly examine your system for issues, then endeavor to address them with smart and economical repair.

    Your Alarm.com system is completely designed for smooth automation and control, and is safely connected to lights, locks, thermostats, cameras, and other devices via Houston Security Solutions. Houston Security Solutions will continue to repair and maintain your Alarm.com system for the duration of its usable life if it was installed by us.

    Property Management Security, Alarm.com Installer

    Business Security Systems

    Alarm.com Distributor

    By consolidating your complete security system into a single, user-friendly platform, Alarm.com helps you save time and money. To make sure that your company doesn’t waste money on utilities while no one is around, smart energy savers also link to lighting, thermostats, and other devices.

    Users may control door entry, manage their complete security system, and see both live and recorded video footage from their smartphones using the Alarm.com app. This provides you total control over the security of your business and enables you to keep track of which personnel and customers entered which locations when.

    Real-time notifications, remote control, and auto-arming are available, along with an easy way to determine whether an alarm is false and whether systems are on for the night.

    By selecting Houston Security Solutions as your Alarm.com distributor, you may impose 24-hour peace of mind. We are the nation’s top supplier and installation of Alarm.com security systems for commercial buildings. Our professionals can fully integrate and fine-tune your system while offering a variety of Alarm.com solutions to provide you the ideal level of security.

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    Why Alarm.com?

    We assist you in purchasing Alarm.com wireless security systems that enhance your company’s operations, offer insightful data, and grant you constant access to your security system. Our knowledgeable Alarm.com specialists carefully inspect your commercial property to determine the ideal security technology setup for your requirements. We design technologies that deliberately exploit your facility’s weaknesses.

    App-Based Alarm Control

    Interactive alarm control via iPhone, iPad, and Android applications.

    Wireless Alarm Communication

    Transmit the central station secure alarm signals. Includes user code control and wireless signal forwarding.

    High-Quality Sensors

    Up to 50 sensors operating round-the-clock. High-tech Image Sensor alarms are also available from Alarm.com.

    Instant Mobile Alarm Notifications

    No matter where you are, receive quick SMS and emails about events as they happen.

    Energy Management Automation

    Alarm.com integrates with a variety of devices, including locks, doors, thermostats, elevators, and more.

    Fully Integrated Access Control

    Alarm.com A smartphone app or web browser is all you need to control property access across various locations with Smarter Access Control, which protects your company from burglars.

    Smart Business Analytics

    Smart business insights provide visibility into activity trends in your business, helping you spot activity patterns and optimize staffing, promotions, energy use, and more.

    Alarm.com Reviews

    Alarm.com products are appreciated for combining ease and high security. Reviews of Alarm.com notably point out the company’s creative application of contemporary technology and the wide array of possibilities made available by the app. Alarm.com specializes on smart home automation, emphasizing energy management and user ease in their solutions to help companies save time and money.

    Alarm.com Pricing

    The price of Alarm.com varies based on the services and service provider you select. We provide cost-effective expert Alarm.com installation of the highest caliber. Contact us right away for a cost-free estimate!

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    Alarm.com Installer

    We provide Alarm.com products for companies of all sizes as an established Alarm.com installation. Our specialists personally supervise the whole installation and setup procedure, taking great care to ensure that your system is configured for optimum performance. Your system will operate without a hitch with installation and integration by Houston Security Solutions Alarm.com.

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