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Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IP Cameras

IP Security Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence will
find what you’re looking for

Wisenet cameras with edge-based AI analytics lower the incidence of false alarms resulting from the usage of motion detection while enhancing operational efficiency in forensic analysis. This is done by being able to identify cars and people from other objects.

Real-time detection and classification of people, cars, faces, license plates, and more is possible with Wisenet AI cameras. The cameras’ deep-learning algorithms can accurately detect numerous different objects with a range of resolutions from 2MP to 4K. Cut down on false alerts caused by innocuous motion, such as wind-blown trees, shadows, or animals. Analytics serve as a trustworthy second set of eyes for operators, guiding them in knowing where to look for significant real-time events while greatly enhancing the efficiency of post-event forensic searches.

IP Security Surveillance

Milestone VMS Compatibility

Through the Hanwha Techwin AI Camera Plug-in, Wisenet AI camera analytics are completely integrated into Wisenet WAVE VMS and Milestone XProtect.

The Wisenet AI cameras‘ AI analytics metadata (people, faces, cars, and license plates) are registered to the Milestone XProtect video management system using Hanwha Techwin’s AI camera plug-in.

• Persons detected with attribute extraction
• Faces detected with attribute extraction
• Vehicles detected with attribute extraction
• Vehicle license plate detected

Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IP Cameras
IP Security Surveillance

IP Security Surveillance

Ready to upgrade your old Analog system?

There may have already been significant investments in analog CCTV systems. But existing analog CCTV investments do not need to be lost due to the technological change to network video. You can incorporate your current analog system into an IP-based solution using a network video solution.

Extremely beneficial features of IP video surveillance systems include excellent image quality and cutting-edge functions. These advantages make the transition to an IP system inevitable. Regardless of where your analog system is, we can assist you with finding the ideal video surveillance solution for your company.

IP Security Surveillance

Essential Features
Professional performance

Wisenet cameras provide clear and precise images with a range of choices, from 2MP to 4K resolutions, and lens types to fit your specific security issues and needs.

BestShot Feature AI Cameras

The BestShot function on Wisenet AI cameras makes sure that only the best pictures of identified objects are provided to the backend server. Up to 4K resolution can be used for the whole video picture to examine object features and tagged characteristics information. Users can choose to utilize BestShot to save bandwidth and storage costs or adjust the image resolution to less than 4K for full video streaming.

For quick identification, the BestShot function takes a picture of all recognized items and shows it onscreen in real time along with any metadata that was collected.

Object Attribute Extraction

Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IP Cameras
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IP Cameras

The Wisenet AI program detects humans and cars, classifies them appropriately, and commits a list of discovered properties into searchable information.

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Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IP Cameras

Wisenet LPR Camera
Solution with Road AI Analytics

A ready-to-use embedded LPR solution is provided with particular P series camera types as part of the Wisenet Road AI LPR Application. This program comes pre-loaded and is authorized.

Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IP Cameras

IP Security Surveillance

License Free
Video & Audio Analytics

Many Hanwha Techwin camera types come included with edge-based video and audio analytics, which helps to decrease the number of false alarms while boosting the effectiveness of forensic examination.

Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IP Cameras

Dual micro SD slots

Up to 1TB of recorded video may be kept onboard using the dual microSD slots on Wisenet7 camera devices, protecting data in the case of a network outage.

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