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Your Guide to Self Storage Security Systems

At first look, the world of self-storage security systems appears vast and daunting.

Self-storage facility owners frequently assert how safe their establishment is, but exactly what they mean might differ substantially across locations and owners. Certain facilities are sufficient with just a gate and a fence. Some institutions can be in areas where there is a greater need for security, in which case they make use of the newest models of motion sensors, Bluetooth locks, and smart devices.

Let’s review the many facets of self-storage security and examine the current state of technology!

Self Storage Security Systems

Security Expert Tip: You can regulate who has access to your facilities with the use of access control technology, which will simplify your life and give you more control with less effort. There is undoubtedly software or access control technology available to make access control simple and safe for your self storage business, including Bluetooth access controls, card scanners, gate codes provided automatically by your self storage software, and more.

Self Storage Security

What claims do you make about the safety of your self-storage facility?

Some basic things that have become standard over the years are fences with or without barbed wire, gates of some kind, and cameras that can record video.

But security at a self-storage unit can be so much more than that!

Some security experts say that your business should set aside as much as 3% of its cash for security.

Adding technology to your self-storage business can help protect it in many ways. Here are four right away:

  • Keeping up with the competition in areas that care about safety
  • Adding more modern security methods to storage units could lead to higher prices.
  • Making things easier and better for customers
  • Making it easier for self-storage sites that are run by machines
  • Of course, those are just the nicest reasons!

There are many parts of your storage facility’s security that can be made better, whether you want to make it safer or just enjoy the ease that comes with new technology.

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Self Storage Facility Access Control

Controlling who can get into your self storage unit is one of the first steps in making it safe.

Access control doesn’t just mean who can get into your building, though. Some self-storage facilities have more than one building or section of buildings. You can control who can enter each building or section based on whether or not a renter has a storage unit in that building.

You can also lock the doors between floors. For instance, if a tenant’s storage unit is on the first floor, you can keep them from going to areas they don’t need to go to.

And yes, we haven’t forgotten—you can also decide who can get into your storage rooms. Locks for storage units have changed in ways that let you add keyless entry, cameras, and other things.

There are two parts to entry control that you need to think about: hardware and software.

There is a lot of tools for self-storage. Check out our Self Storage Software Playbook to learn what you need to know!

Most companies that deal with access control will have answers for both, which makes for a more streamlined system. But this could also mean that you can’t use hardware from one provider with software from another. This choice could be based on how much it costs, what features it has, or whether it works with your self-storage software (or PMS).

Controlling who can get in and out of a building is one part of security that influences the customer experience. The process a tenant goes through to get into your self-storage unit is the first thing that people see when they arrive.

An improved access control system can let people in without keys using keypads or even Bluetooth gates that can be opened with a phone or fob.

The entry control system at your self storage facility is a very important part of your security system, if only to make the customer experience better!


Cloud Based Access Control

Learn about cloud based access control system and its futures.

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Surveillance at Your Self Storage Facility

Another essential component of self-storage security systems is surveillance and other detecting techniques.

Devices like motion sensors and security cameras are part of these security measures.

With over 770 million security cameras deployed worldwide by 2021, monitoring is almost more of a given these days than a feature.

In the present day, security cameras are almost a need for every business’s security. Even if you can’t afford to have your cameras watched over the whole time, you can still have cameras with built-in video recording features.

Applications for motion sensors are numerous. A few of them are convenience-related, such activating motion-activated lighting or cameras, but in this case, motion sensors are what cause a security system to escalate.

Motion sensors that alert you to activity in your facility are essential if you operate an unsupervised facility or have no one on duty at night.

It is crucial to align your ways of covering your facility with your target market, regardless of the approach you use.

More sophisticated surveillance techniques could be necessary in areas where break-ins are more common to safeguard your self-storage facility and provide clients peace of mind.

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Internal Storage Unit Security

Inside your self-storage units, there are more chances to take use of security technologies.

While individual storage unit alarms are the most apparent and often used approach, there are other ways to improve the security of the unit and increase the value of the security system for your renters.

Here are a few instances of this:

  • motion detection
  • multiple cameras
  • smart devices

The use of motion sensors and cameras should be quite obvious. They essentially do the same thing as the motion sensors and cameras you employ to safeguard your self-storage business.

You have the option of having these surveillance devices notify the renter directly, or to have them communicate their data to you and your self-storage management.

An improved kind of self-storage security technology is called a smart unit. In order to provide a more comprehensive and integrated security system for a single unit, smart units combine contemporary technology, such as artificial intelligence (A.I.), with other security measures discussed above, such as motion sensors and cameras.

The usage of smart technology is becoming more and more commonplace among consumers, and in certain areas, it may be a key differentiator.

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