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Commercial Security Systems

Office Security Systems

Use the office security systems from Houston Security Solutions to safeguard your company. Our installers are skilled in providing the ideal mix of technology for efficient and secure office security.

Office Security Systems Installer

With office security systems from Houston Security Solutions, enjoy constant peace of mind. Strong security is necessary for any workplace, whether it is in a compact structure or a vast organization with numerous sites. Without a thorough office security system, personnel, assets, clients, and financial resources are at risk of theft. We offer whole office security that is customized to your particular setting.

Office Security Cameras

Our top-notch workplace security cameras allow you to keep an eye on and record everything that occurs in your workspace. Houston Security Solutions professionals design a comprehensive commercial security system to safeguard your workplace from access, theft, and violence. To protect your company day and night, we equip your space with a burglar alarm system, an office security video system, and door access control.

Our Service

With more than ten years of expertise installing office security camera systems, Houston Security Solutions is knowledgeable about the security requirements of businesses all across the nation. Our professionals endeavor to provide you with a surveillance system that specifically targets the weak points of your particular workplace setting. We provide both interior and outdoor camera systems to completely secure any commercial setting.

We recognize that an office security camera system is a crucial component in your company’s safety since we are professionals in installing all sorts of commercial cameras, from a tiny CCTV camera network to a cutting-edge low-light security camera powerhouse.

Our office video security systems keep an eye on and record what happens within your facility, while intrusion alarms and access control make sure that only those with the proper credentials may enter.

Cameras and Access Control

When integrated, cameras and access control offer robust security and give you total control over who enters your organization. Our workplace access control and surveillance systems come with a variety of capabilities, such as round-the-clock audit trails that display a list of all door entrance activities together with time stamps and security camera video.

For all of your security needs, Houston Security Solutions installers provide top-notch cameras and video management software.

We make use of the most recent security technologies, such as mobile video monitoring through the cloud, which enables customers to see both live and recorded security footage from a smartphone or web browser.

You can see footage from your office security cameras from anywhere, even when you’re off-site, thanks to cloud-based security cameras. This gives you peace of mind that your company is always secure. Cloud-based security cameras with access control even enable users to remotely grant guests entrance to the facility with a single swipe on a phone app after authenticating their identification through cameras.

Digital Watchdog
Office Security Cameras

What You Can Do with Office Security Cameras:


Keep an eye on building entrances at all times


Deter crime with visible cameras


Pair with an intercom system to remotely verify visitors


Quickly respond to any break-ins or other events


Monitor employees and ensure protocols are in place


Gather valuable business analytics for actionable insights


Supplement office receptionists


Gain recorded proof of every crime that happens


Pair with a mobile app for 24/7 remote surveillance

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Office Alarm System

Use an office alarm system to catch intruders in the act. Your business building will benefit from having an alarm system installed by preventing shoplifting, employee theft, unlawful access, and burglary. We may offer a wired or wireless panic alarm system for office buildings that is customized to your specific security requirements, regardless of the size and style of your facility.

Our Service

For optimal performance, intrusion alarms are carefully installed and integrated by Houston Security Solutions professionals. Intruders are correctly detected by our sensitive alarms, ensuring that no break-ins or burglaries can take place. Users may receive immediate phone warnings each time a security breach occurs thanks to practical mobile alerts.

Customers also have the choice to automatically notify the police so they may respond to the scene before the burglar flees.We specialize in carefully positioning alarm sensors throughout your structure to establish a virtual force field. Every moment a break-in is detected, burglar alarms that are connected to video cameras start recording the whole incident.

Your office building is further protected by a commercial alarm system with round-the-clock alarm monitoring capabilities, which allows you to keep track of everything that occurs and ensures you never miss an event. Contact our security alarm specialists to see why we are known for implementing the top office alarm systems available.

Office Alarm System

What You Can Do with an Office Alarm System:


Deter and prevent break-ins


Get automatic alerts any time an intrusion is attempted


Send instant alerts to local authorities when a crime occurs


Add door sensors, glass break detectors, or an alarm keypad


Integrate with security cameras and access control


Partner with alarm.com for convenient mobile surveillance

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