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Tips for Improving Warehouse Security

Because of their contents and architecture, industrial warehouse security is a unique problem for security integrators. You confront a range of risks as a manager or owner, from both would-be crooks and employees. There’s a lot of potential for theft and harm with cargo flowing in and out, people sprinting back and forth, and heavy machinery moving back and forth. Your security cameras will require a clear view of your workstation or storage area, and your access controllers will need to keep the appropriate personnel in the appropriate areas.

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Warehouse Security Issues: How to Address Them

The structure of warehouses does not facilitate the installation of warehouse security systems. High ceilings make wiring challenging, necessitating the use of a hoist to install the necessary cabling and conduit. While warehouses are durable, its design limits the utility of wireless security systems. Radio, WiFi, and cellular signals have a difficult time passing through concrete; even with wireless repeaters, they bounce off and cause interference. If you want solid security, you’ll need a hardwired system, but it involves a little more work to get things set up.

Increase The Visibility of Your Warehouse Security Cameras.

Only so much of your property can be covered by security cameras. Your primary security office should be as centrally situated as possible with a clear view of your warehouse to reduce blind spots and enhance reaction time. Keeping work spaces clean of clutter reduces the opportunity for criminals to take advantage of you and provides you a better perspective of any possible problems, whether they are unintentional or not.

Using Warehouse Access Control, Create Specialized Spaces.

One method to ensure that nothing is taken from your shipping or receiving docks is to keep them open in the first place. Creating a physical barrier between locations allocated for various activities compartmentalizes your security, and access control further restricts admission. It’s simpler to keep track of traffic in and around your business if you establish site rules and restrict access.

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Inside & Outside Access Control

Not just for the external doors, but for the whole warehouse, controlling entrance and leave is crucial. Your whole inventory is valuable, yet some goods are more appealing to thieves and burglars than others. Computer components and other electrical equipment are good examples, but anything valuable should be locked up and walled off in a cage or kept in a separate room.

Employee Counting and Monitoring

Warehouse managers can also benefit from people-counting cameras. Knowing how long a group of individuals spends in a room or region offers you more information with which to fine-tune your security setup or investigate if something goes wrong.

Purchase a Warehouse Alarm System

Warehouse alarm systems are a little more sophisticated than the business equivalents of a home burglar alarm. They frequently incorporate deterrents as well as sensors – electric fences can dissuade a large number of attempted invasions. When someone tries to break into your building, door and window touch sensors are frequently coupled with glass break detectors to trigger an alert. You will also be alerted quickly if you use remote alerts, regardless of where you are.

Use of a Wide Range of Security Cameras

Without a doubt, your warehouse needs surveillance cameras. The type of cameras you install depends on the architecture of the building and the demands of your organization, but it’s always ideal to utilize a variety to remove blind spots – both physical and technological. Wide-angle cameras are great for wide places since they cover a large region. For a more dynamic solution, Pan-Tilt-Zooms (PTZ) may monitor people or follow a predefined scanning pattern. Bullet cameras are a great outside alternative for safeguarding your property.

Get Security Camera Monitoring and Alerts via Remote Viewing.

In the case of an emergency, instant notification and remote security camera monitoring are important, especially for your warehouse. A good business security system sends real-time event notifications and alerts to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor and address any issues even while you’re not on-site. You can communicate with individuals on-site using integrated solutions that combine intercoms and webcams.

Think About Investing in a Video Management System (VMS)

A dedicated Video Management System could be a good addition to your warehouse security system. Most, if not all, of your security systems may be integrated into one single interface using a flexible VMS platform. VMS also offers extra features, such as dedicated servers and data redundancy, as well as automatic alarm and siren triggering depending on camera inputs. A central VMS allows you access to all of your locations from a single security office, which is very handy if you have many sites to secure.

Organize the Security Systems in Your Warehouse

Your warehouse security systems become even more powerful when you combine them. When a camera is pointed at an access controlled door, for example, you can observe not just when and where someone went, but also what they were carrying. If your cameras don’t have an intercom system or speaker built in, you may use the same 2-way intercom features as a doorbell cam by mounting an intercom system or speaker next to them.

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Maintain a Safe Warehouse

The steps above help you safeguard your sites, whether you manufacture, transport and receive, or just store your goods. But they’re not a complete security plan. Professional installation is best like all business security systems. Security experts develop a bespoke warehouse safety plan, tailored for your space and, in addition to offering or linking you with a monitoring firm, give guarantees and maintenance to your security equipment. Contact Houston Security Solutions to learn more about how security experts can help keep your company secure.