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What is a License Plate Reader Camera and How Can It Help You?

LPR or license plate reader cameras, are a very important software tool that allows you to track traffic, regulate entrance into your property, locate stolen vehicles, and much more. But do you understand how LPR (license plate reader cameras) works and when it should be used?

License Plate Reader Camera, Parking Lot Security Cameras

Are you looking to install a License Plate Reader Camera?

Your license plate reader camera takes footage of the license plates and then either stores it for later use or compares it to an existing database, which is how license plate reader cameras software works. Consider the following situation:

  • Secured and gated entrances, such as military bases or permit-based parking garages, will check each incoming vehicle’s license plate against a database of authorized persons and only open the gates if the license plate number is on the list.
  • Parking enforcement officers may record vehicles as they arrive and park, providing them a video to refer if they exceed the time limit or try to park in and out.
  • Police and other law enforcement authorities might examine local traffic footage to look for license plates from stolen vehicles or vehicles suspected of being involved in other crimes.

However, you’ll need a specific equipment and license plate reader camera configuration to record these films. This includes the following:

  • Advanced license plate reader camera options are available in video management software.
  • License plate reader camera placed at the proper height to record license plates
  • Oncoming traffic has low speed restrictions, allowing the camera to focus on each automobile as it approaches.
  • To offset intense overhead lighting in parking garages or gloomy shadows in underground constructions, proper illumination, either external or built-in IRs, is required.

License Plate Reader Camera is supported by a variety of video management applications. Database searching, filtering, and sorting are all included in License Plate Reader Camera software, as well as alarms if your system detects an unfamiliar or banned license plate.

Local License Plate Reader Camera Installers Near Me

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