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Why You Need to Upgrade Your Security Cameras

Your security camera system must be updated, much like PCs and servers. Your older security camera system is a waste on your important resources, from camera downtime to inferior quality and without new choices.

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The older your safety cameras are, like with other electrical items, the greater the chance of failure or more frequent failure. These rare failures may rapidly aggregate for firms with multiple cameras; and the loss of even one camera for smaller companies might entail the loss of huge amounts of security camera protection measures.

Your old system, the less likely it is to receive regular maintenance. Is the business that installed your system still in operation? Did your service contract expire without anyone contacting you to renew or extend it? Failure to replace batteries or postpone maintenance can have a severe impact on your security camera system’s capacity to work correctly. When the components of your aging system are not reviewed and upgraded on a regular basis, your system might collapse catastrophically.

A modern IP security camera system has fewer failure points and is easier to maintain, which helps to decrease downtime. If your IP camera is having problems, a professional can frequently troubleshoot and resolve the issue remotely. When a service or maintenance visit is required, your technician will almost certainly have the parts or equipment needed to repair your contemporary security camera system, as opposed to an old obsolete analog system that may require waiting for a part to be sent.

Low Quality and Less Futures 

Security camera systems’ video quality and resolution have improved dramatically in recent years. Don’t wait until you’ve been robbed or your shop has been broken into to discover that your old system can only provide blurry footage that makes identifying the perpetrator hard.

Older camera systems are known for delivering horrible photos in low lighting settings or for having so low quality that zooming in on an image simply made it worse. Old analog security cameras provide a video signal to your digital video recorder (DVR), which analyzes and records the signal, resulting in a reduced frame rate and restricted resolution.

Don’t wait until you discover that the inadequate quality of your analog security camera prevents you from zooming in and identifying the license plate of a car engaged in a hit-and-run in your parking lot. Upgrade to an IP security camera system that allows you to record high-resolution pictures on cameras with capabilities like Pan-Tilt-Zoom, license plate recognition, and remote viewing options to make your workplace safer and more secure.

Low Storage Capacity & Storage Issues

You may believe you save on storage expenses with your outdated analog security cameras, but that you would be mistaken. It is not possible to handle very much data by the DVRs which record, process and store images from analog cameras. This lack of storage implies that company owners who want to save money without updating finally spend even more money on extra DVRs to save their low-quality analog video.

H.264 reduces video data to roughly one fourth of its original dimension, making it the most widely used way to compress and distribute video on a modern IP security camera system, so that more videos are saved in your network Video Recorder (NVR). This compression has the ability to minimize your general storage requirements while capturing a higher quality image that can be zoomed in digitally to allow photos to be further studied.

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Less Options

Is it a matter of sitting at a computer in the workplace when examining the security camera images? You never know when your workplace will be involved in an event. You may check your security cameras from the comfort of your bed at 2,00 pm to see whether an intruder is truly present or if it is simply a stray cat that walked through your warehouse. You can find out if your alarm card is in your house at 02:00 am. Many of the basic features on current IP systems, such as remote accessibility and integration with access control systems and alarms, are sometimes lacking in the old analog camera security systems.

This is why an updated digital security camera system such as ours is supplied with remote access capabilities, which are vital to you to keep track of your business from anywhere at all times. You may now check in from anywhere on any employee’s smartphone, tablet and PC.

We realize, not only this, but current company requirements, especially those operating round the clock, means that organizations need to be able to use their camera security systems to record more than simply footage. Our Security Camera System in Avigilon provides a whole software package that allows you easier and more efficient access monitoring, even when your normal personnel are home for the day, to manage access to confined locations like the server room.

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Think of improvement? Our free visit and consultancy is the best chance to talk to our camera security specialists about your issues. We work with you to provide you with the finest alternatives for installing your security camera while keeping your project budgetary.

Look no farther than the seasoned experts at Houston Security Solutions if you’re searching for a one-stop-shop for your security camera requirements. In order to protect the security of your business, staff and clients, our camera servicing and installation specialists offer the solutions your organization requires. Request a quotation immediately to know how easy it is to safeguard your organization.

Trusted, Local Security Camera Installers

Are you interested in a company that offers the features and capabilities of its devices with total transparency?

Houston Security Solutions has been in business for almost a decade. Our knowledgeable security camera experts can assist you in determining which security cameras are most appropriate for your specific application and explain why. Furthermore, our professionals will install your security camera system using the most up-to-date security industry practices. We’ll guide you through every step of the process of locating material, recording and cutting video, exporting files, and everything else once your system is up and running. If any difficulties with your cameras emerge in the future, we are only a phone call or remote-view away.

Are you looking for assistance with security cameras? Houston Security Solutions will provide you with a free security assessment for your business. Our security specialists will walk you through what it takes to safeguard your business, even if you aren’t sure what you need. Houston Security Solutions can help you with all of your security needs, no matter what type of institution you need surveillance support for! Contact Houston Security Solutions now at (713) 673-8089 or fill out a quick, easy online request form if you have any concerns about how PTZ dome cameras operate, what you need for your business, or the purchase and installation procedure.

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Setting up remote viewing is important for safeguarding your home, but it is not the only consideration. Obviously, you’ll need a security camera system first, and you may also require an access control system or a burglar alarm. Professionals develop and install the greatest security systems, both commercial and domestic. Give Houston Security Solutions a call if you’re interested in purchasing a security camera suite or simply want more information about surveillance systems. We’d be delighted to share the knowledge that has made us Texas’s best local security system installation for almost a decade.