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Who Installs Security Cameras?

When you’ve decided that you need a security camera system, the next step is to figure out who will install it. Nowadays, it seems like everyone claims to be able to install security, and some experts even say that it’s simple enough to do yourself. In this article, we’ll discuss the many variables that will help you decide whether you need a professional installation or if you can do it yourself, and if you choose to go with an expert, who you can call to complete the work correctly.


However, there is a distinction between who may install security cameras in a company and who can install security cameras in a house.

Who install security cameras at a business?

Installers of home security cameras and business security cameras have quite distinct skill sets. A commercial security camera installer often has a thorough understanding of a company facility’s architecture, although installation at different locations necessitates a varying amount of experience. From an installation standpoint, the following are the many types of commercial structures and the expertise necessary to manage them:

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Who Installs Security Cameras?

Licensed Security Camera Installation Pros

Most security camera customers seeking for a firm that specializes in this technology will definitely go with licensed security camera pros. Because most licensed security camera professionals also install burglar alarms, access control, and other network devices, a customer’s best chance at a fully integrated system is with a security contractor, as the other vendors on this list are unlikely to have experience with burglar alarms and access control.


However, not all security camera installations are the same, and some security camera pros are less knowledgeable about cyber security than others. A modern security camera installer will be well-versed in cyber security best practices and will work closely with the IT team to maintain network security, whereas older contractors may lack this expertise. Before you hire a security camera installation contractor, make sure they are well-versed in cyber security.

IT Professionals

Since security cameras are now essentially network devices, and IT professionals install network devices, it would seem that an IT expert could handle your security camera installation, right? It is debatable. Not all camera systems are made equal, and although some video management systems and software are quite generic, others are extremely detailed and difficult to use.


More sophisticated systems need a degree of expertise that an IT professional is unlikely to possess. Some IT pros have a lot of expertise with a variety of camera systems, while others don’t have much experience designing and engineering security systems, thus an IT pro may or may not be a suitable fit for your security camera installation, depending on how robust your security application is.

Electrical Contractors

“Do you guys install cameras too?” is a common query when electrical contractors are contracted to run conduit and cable on a building site or retrofit job. Most electrical contractors will install security cameras, but not all of them will have engineers on staff who can setup and engineer your security system’s software and hardware. When adding a network device to your environment, most security contractors and IT specialists will have a thorough understanding of cyber security and can defend you from risks, but this is not normally a strength of an electrical contractor.


Sometimes electrical contractors will team up with a security firm to offer “parts and smarts” so that they can include wiring and installation in their bid, but be wary of electrical contractors who go it alone on the configuration side of the installation because they are unlikely to have much experience in this area.

Audio Visual Contractors

AV contractors generally work in conference rooms and residences, installing televisions, speakers, and multimedia systems. Because they run network cable and install network devices, it’s possible that they also install security cameras. Most security contractors will also install some audiovisual equipment, thus it’s a common skill set to have.

Do it Yourself

DIY is an option if you have a knowledge of how to do the following things:


  • Terminate cat 5 cables or coax cables
  • Basic IT knowledge and the ability to discover IP addresses on a network
  • Proficiency with installation of network hardware
  • Penetration to get a cable from inside a facility to the outside of a facility
  • Ladder work and lift work


Most businesses that choose a DIY solution are unconcerned with the aesthetics of the installation and are willing to live with untidy wiring. They aren’t searching for a sophisticated cyber security setup and are confident in their ability to configure and implement it on their own. Verkada is one of the greatest security cameras on the market, and it’s often installed by DIYers because of its ease of deployment and the fact that the cameras have hard drives built into them, eliminating the need for server installations.


Different business formats require different solutions

Installers of home security cameras and business security cameras have quite distinct skill sets. A commercial security camera installer often has a thorough understanding of a company facility’s architecture, although installation at different locations necessitates a varying amount of experience. The following are the many types of commercial constructions, as well as the abilities needed to manage them from an installation standpoint:


Cabling in offices is frequently easier than in other buildings because of the low, drop-tile ceilings. Almost any contractor can run cable above a drop-tile ceiling, and many businesses will choose to do so since the installation is simple.


Because industrial sites typically need scissor or boom lifts and camera installation 30-50 feet from the ground, running cable and installing cameras can be tricky. A contractor who mostly installs in office spaces will struggle in an industrial setting since lofty ceilings need a different skill set.


A business building normally has a catwalk from floor to floor where a contractor may run cable, but installing cameras in commercial places’ lobby’s and corridors can be challenging since many of them have a “hard lid” ceiling that will require conduit or wire molding to disguise the cable. Many commercial buildings are wired during construction to prevent these issues, but facilities that require a retrofit will test even the most experienced security camera installation.


Because retail spaces typically feature a mix of drop tile and hard-lid ceilings, the same difficulties that exist in commercial spaces can also be found there. Because many retail businesses are small and well-lit, fewer cameras are required, and many scenarios may be handled with wireless cameras.

Installation During The Construction Phase

During the building period is the most usual time for a security camera installation. Because electrical contractors are already installing conduit, it is in the best interests of a builder or general contractor to plan where security cameras will be installed during the design process. Many times, during a building project, different phases of a project (cabling, installation, engineering) will be contracted to multiple vendors to maximize efficiency because many of those contractors will already be working with other parts of the project.

Parking Lot

Parking lots need a degree of engineering that even most security companies have. Many security companies avoid parking lot projects because they involve trenching the parking lot to lay underground conduit or installing wireless point to point nano beams, both of which need engineers with specialized abilities.


Even if you locate a security firm that can work with wireless nano beams or trenching, you’ll almost certainly need to have an electrician to set up some exterior rated enclosures with power outlets so that the security contractor can set up their equipment (poe switch, nano beam head end). Parking Lot Security Camera Systems

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Who can do a home security camera installation?

Most commercial security camera installers, believe it or not, do not install residential security camera systems and vice versa. Because putting cameras in houses necessitates a completely other set of expertise, most contractors stick to their strengths. Most commercial camera installers aren’t equipped to install home security cameras since they require a contractor to go into an attic or crawlspace to run the cords for each camera.

The following are companies that typically offer home video surveillance system installation:

Alarm Companies

Many alarm companies choose a wireless camera solution in homes because home security camera installation is significantly more difficult than commercial camera installation. Because a homeowner can view the cameras in the same app where the notice comes from, this solution can work well in conjunction with a burglar alarm system that warns authorities when a break-in is in process. Home security camera installation is more likely to be offered by alarm firms. Here’s a questionnaire you can fill out to check whether an alarm provider is a suitable fit to install your security cameras:

Home Automation Companies

Security camera systems that interface with the automation systems that home automation providers install are common. Because cameras may be utilized with home automation applications, it’s typical for these companies to supply and install cameras with other audio visual devices in the home. Because this isn’t their area of expertise, some home automation firms may outsource security programming and engineering to a security contractor, while others will have one or more security specialists on staff.


Home Automation Companies

Electrical Contractors

When wiring up the home for additional low voltage electrical cables, electrical professionals frequently deal with security cameras during new building projects. Security engineering is occasionally subcontracted to a security business by electrical contractors, while some electrical contractors have one or more employees on their team that specialize in security as well.


Many states in the United States and nations throughout the world require a low voltage contractor, such as a security business or a home automation firm, to have a particular license to deal with low voltage systems and wiring. However, this is not the case everywhere. No such license is required in certain jurisdictions in the United States and other nations across the world, and many handyman-type firms will install security cameras.

Because many customers purchase cameras off the shelf at Costco or online at Amazon, they seek out contractors to install their new cameras.They discover that most contractors will not deal with consumer brands and are only familiar working with industrial grade camera systems, so they must enlist the help of a handyman to complete the task.

Do It Yourself

A do-it-yourself technique to installing Wifi cameras is a very frequent and successful option for home security cameras. Some wifi cameras must be hooked into an outlet, while others are battery operated, therefore installation varies depending on the technology of the wifi camera. The main difference between wifi and hardwired cameras is that wifi cameras are clip-based and don’t normally record continuously as hardwired cameras do.

They also don’t have the same degree of clarity or refresh rate because they’re transmitting video packets over the air rather than over a cable. When a homeowner wants a hardwired security system that can record video at resolutions up to 4k for 30 days or more on a hard drive, they usually hire experts to install the wiring and cameras.


How much does a professional security camera installation cost?

On average, a properly fitted CCTV IP camera installation costs $7,500.


A typical camera system costs between $500 and $1,000 per camera installed, including labor, materials, cameras, and servers. So, depending on the intricacy of the installation and the quality of gear you pick, a 5-camera system will likely cost between $2,500 and $5,000. A ten-camera setup will most likely cost between $5,000 and $10,000. This is the price of an industrial-grade camera system that is built to survive for decades and withstand the weather, among other things.


A typical Costco/Amazon system/kit that will last a couple of years before breaking down is considerably less than that, but you get what you pay for. Some Costco/Amazon kits are as little as $200 for eight cameras, and you can probably find a mom and pop garage contractor to install them for under $500, but buyers beware if you anticipate any software support or that this system will last more than a year or two.

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So, what’s the best way to get a security system installed on your property?

Since everyone claims to install cameras these days, it’s important to vet the contractor that you’re working with to make sure they have proficiency in the following:


  • Cabling
  • Installation
  • Engineering/ Configuration
  • Cyber Security
  • Service and Support


These various skillsets can be shared among numerous contractors depending on the project, and this is sometimes the best solution. Sometimes the cabling business that performs a decent job for a low price isn’t so competent at engineering and continuing maintenance. A company that excels at engineering and continuous support is likely to be more of an engineering firm, and the cabling work may be outsourced regardless.


Give us a call if you’re seeking for a well-rounded security system installation specialist that excels in all of these areas. Even if we’re not a good fit for your project, we’ll still work with you to find a strategy for getting the task done.

At Houston Security Solutions

Working with Houston Security Solutions, a Houston-based security systems installation that offers innovative video surveillance and CCTV solutions to safeguard the interior and exterior of your building, is the ideal way to get the security camera system you need. While IT department can investigate and implement basic security solutions, more complex solutions, particularly those using IP or cloud technologies, should be left to specialists.

At Houston Security Solutions of RapidHandy, Inc, we offer a free consultation to review your security issues and then build a state-of-the-art video camera system to fit your demands that employs the appropriate technology in the right places to safeguard your property. In the greater Houston area, including League City, Galveston, Katy, The Woodlands, Spring, Atascocita, Baytown, Pasadena, and Pearland, call us now at (713) 673-8089 to begin the process.

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Are you interested in a company that offers the features and capabilities of its devices with total transparency?

Houston Security Solutions has been in business for almost a decade. Our knowledgeable security camera experts can assist you in determining which security cameras are most appropriate for your specific application and explain why. Furthermore, our professionals will install your security camera system using the most up-to-date security industry practices. We’ll guide you through every step of the process of locating material, recording and cutting video, exporting files, and everything else once your system is up and running. If any difficulties with your cameras emerge in the future, we are only a phone call or remote-view away.

Are you looking for assistance with security cameras? Houston Security Solutions will provide you with a free security assessment for your business. Our security specialists will walk you through what it takes to safeguard your business, even if you aren’t sure what you need. Houston Security Solutions can help you with all of your security needs, no matter what type of institution you need surveillance support for! Contact Houston Security Solutions now at (713) 673-8089 or fill out a quick, easy online request form if you have any concerns about how PTZ dome cameras operate, what you need for your business, or the purchase and installation procedure.

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Setting up remote viewing is important for safeguarding your home, but it is not the only consideration. Obviously, you’ll need a security camera system first, and you may also require an access control system or a burglar alarm. Professionals develop and install the greatest security systems, both commercial and domestic. Give Houston Security Solutions a call if you’re interested in purchasing a security camera suite or simply want more information about surveillance systems. We’d be delighted to share the knowledge that has made us Texas’s best local security system installation for almost a decade.