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Brivo Access Control Systems

The minimal hardware requirements and bundled subscription option of Brivo make it stand out from other access control systems. See below for more information on its features and products.

The access cards that are typical of cloud-based solutions are absent from Brivo’s access control features. Instead, Brivo users’ mobile devices function as access cards. Brivo makes other improvements to access control as well, though.

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What Is Brivo?

Brivo is a security company that introduced cloud-based access control to the world in 2002. This development arrived three years after Brivo’s 1999 founding in Bethesda, Maryland.


As of June 2015, Dean Drako, who founded the video surveillance company Eagle Eye Networks, owns Brivo. As such, Brivo’s cloud-based access control has become more integrative with video surveillance systems in recent years. Brivo remains independent of Eagle Eye Networks.

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Does Brivo Offer Free Trial?

As a Brivo authorized dealer Houston Security Solutions offering a free trial or  a demo of cloud based access control software.

Brivo Pricing

Brivo pricing varies based on the results of a security assessment. As Authorized Brivo Access Control Dealer will conduct for your company’s access control solutions.

Brivo Access Control Products

When you choose Brivo Access Control, you have options below:

Brivo Access Control Installers

Brivo Access Control Standard

Brivo Access Control Standard offers fundamental access control features to your business. It can be used to protect your team and secure your premises. Additionally, you can buy Brivo’s single sign-on (SSO) tools, API integrations, and identity connector if necessary.

Brivo Access Control Standard, which is notable for being intended for small-scale, software-only use, does not come with door readers. These features are included in Brivo Access Control Standard:


  • Administrator roles and permissions
  • Custom event classification
  • Device status
  • Event tracking
  • Five Brivo mobile passes
  • Lockdowns
  • Remote management
  • Video surveillance (if you purchase Brivo’s video cameras)

Brivo Access Control Professional

Real-time monitoring, automation, thorough analytics, and extensive integrations are all features of Brivo Access Control Professional. Everything from Brivo Access Control Standard is included, plus the following features:


  • API integrations
  • Event trend analysis
  • Identity connector
  • 10 door readers
  • 500 Brivo mobile passes

Brivo Access Control Enterprise

Your access control system is upgraded by Brivo Access Control Enterprise to include real-time data insights. Everything from Brivo Access Control Professional is included, plus the following features:


  • Data explorer
  • Global view
  • SSO
  • 20 door readers
  • 1,000 Brivo mobile passes

Brivo Access Control Complete

Brivo introduced its Complete platform in 2020. Brivo Access Control Complete combines Brivo Onair (which you’ll also use to log in to Brivo Standard, Professional or Enterprise) with video cameras, Brivo access control panels and Brivo Readers.

Despite having significantly more hardware than Brivo’s other products, Brivo Access Control Complete has few functional differences from them. Its subscription model, which Brivo claims is uncommon among access control systems, serves as its primary point of differentiation.

Best Features of Brivo Access Control

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  • Access trends. Data analytics from Brivo Professional and Enterprise show you access patterns at your facilities. You can fully understand which employees are using which spaces and when access events are taking place with the help of this data.
  • Administrator roles and permissions. Employees can be given roles and specific access permissions. If you require an employee to handle an emergency while you are unavailable, this capability may be useful.
  • Arming and disarming. You can remotely arm and disarm alarms using the Brivo mobile app. Without being present onsite, you can manage access incidents with this function.
  • Device status. The Brivo mobile app still has tools to check the status of your hardware devices, despite the fact that Brivo’s required hardware setup is much less extensive than that of the majority of access control companies. You can remotely reactivate a device that is currently inactive but should be.
  • Door readers. In relation to Brivo’s constrained hardware configuration, even its Enterprise tier only comes with 20 door readers. Brivo focuses on a connected, user-friendly remote security setup rather than on physical tools.
  • Easy installation. Brivo is perhaps the simplest to install of all access control systems due to its constrained hardware requirements. Businesses that require quick installation or are concerned about the learning curve for access control should consider it.
  • Advanced activity analysis. To help you master incident response and provide the best protection for your facility, team, and information, Brivo automatically presents a complete view of your entire security infrastructure.
  • Extensive integrations. Your software development team (or a freelance developer you hire) can make Brivo integrate with practically any platform using the API. You can customize Brivo to almost any need thanks to its wide range of integrations.
  • Data analytics. Brivo does more than just display access data; it also does your financial analysis. Brivo is the best tool for turning your understanding of your access events into useful insights thanks to this feature.
  • Event classification. Within Brivo, access events can be categorized. There are a number of pre-built classes on the interface, and you can also add your own.
  • Event tracking. Access isn’t just granted to someone by Brivo and then the relationship is abandoned. You can access a record of all events that have been tracked at any time thanks to this program.
  • Favorite doors. Your team and you can identify and save your favorite doors using the Brivo mobile app. Having quick access to these popular doors can reduce wait times at check-ins and other events.
  • Global view. Brivo Enterprise provides you with a thorough overview of security and access at all of your facilities, including real-time access and location information.
  • Identity connector. You can always maintain a connection between your access control and Active Directory programs thanks to Brivo’s identity connector. This connection makes sure that anyone with permission who needs access can get it.
  • Live door activity. You can view any access point’s events in real-time with the help of the live door activity feature in the Brivo mobile app. These doors also allow for the viewing of video recordings if you have video cameras.
  • Lockdowns. In the event of a security breach, Brivo gives you the same options as all high-level access control systems and lets you initiate lockdowns. From the Brivo app, you can also remove these restrictions.
  • Mobile credentials and passes. With Brivo, you and your team only need your phones to access your facilities, so forget about access cards. Even hands-free operation is possible with Brivo’s mobile passes (more on this later).
  • Real-time monitoring. You have access to all of your access data through Brivo, and you can view it both in the past and in the present. When there are lockdowns, fire drills, or other security-related situations, this feature can be useful.
  • Remote management. Brivo is available whenever and wherever you need it because it is entirely cloud-based and heavily reliant on the Brivo mobile app. Your facilities are completely under your control 24 hours a day thanks to this flexibility.
  • Single-credential access. Brivo eliminates the need to issue access cards to all of your facilities to your employees. You can save time and resources by issuing a single mobile pass that is valid at all of your Brivo locations rather than having to create a Rolodex of access cards.
  • SSO. Instead of creating a new Brivo account, Brivo Enterprise allows you to log in using your Google account. Users can purchase this feature for Standard and Professional accounts as well.
  • Siri voice commands. Your employees can use their mobile passes immediately after removing their phones from their pockets without having to launch any applications or enter any commands. Your team can speak their way into your facilities using Brivo instead of tapping their phone screens because it supports Siri voice commands.
  • Two-factor authentication. Brivo’s mobile passes are advertised as two-factor identification systems. Brivo’s arguments are persuasive, despite the fact that they undoubtedly differ from the standard form of two-factor authentication, which involves sending an email whenever a user tries to log in to an account. The fact that a mobile device is much less likely than an access card to be stolen from someone it does not belong to adds an extra layer of identity verification.
  • Video surveillance. The Brivo mobile app can produce live video surveillance of your facilities if you integrate Brivo’s video cameras with your access control system. The access control platform from Brivo does not, however, include video hardware.

Brivo FAQs

How much does Brivo Access Control cost?

The costs associated with using Brivo Access Control are determined by the security company performs for your business. 

What is Brivo Onair?

Your cloud-based Brivo Access Control System is accessed using Brivo Onair as its user interface. It is not an independent Brivo Access Control product.

What is the usage of Brivo mobile passes?

Open the Brivo app, select the location and door you want to enter, and then use a Brivo mobile pass to gain access. the center unlock button, and continue to hold it down. You will have access to the door once your screen turns green.


Brivo is an intuitive access control system with a simple installation process and the ideal number of features. Any small business that requires thorough access control with the least amount of up-front expenses, installation hassles, and hardware devices can benefit from it, in our opinion.

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