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Small Business Access Control - Keyless Entry for Small Businesses

Explore the important factors and best available options when planning door access control security and keyless entry for your small business or workspace.

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What is the best part about running a small business? There is little overhead and boundless room for expansion. Furthermore, as the owner, you get to be your own boss.

Yet, there are several disadvantages to owning a small business. For starters, the owners are often workaholics. Yet, small businesses are a popular target for burglars, robbers, and employees with sticky fingers.

Let’s look at why small companies are more prone to crime and how to pick a scalable, tiny office solution to keep these crimes at bay.

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Why are small businesses more open to criminal activity?

The truth is that burglaries and theft are unavoidable aspects of running company. According to a University of Cincinnati research, 64% of small firms have experienced employee theft. According to the same report, many of these thefts were part of long-term scams that lasted anywhere from two weeks to 20 years.

Employees steal because of the following reasons, according to the California Restaurant Association:

  • They believe they are not paid adequately.
  • They believe their employer has mistreated them.
  • They do not believe the theft is detrimental to the employer.
  • They believe that insurance protects the employer against theft.
  • They don’t think the implications of the theft are serious.
  • They do not believe the company will impose any punishment if the employee is discovered.

What is the solution? Modern access control solutions should be seriously considered by small business owners. Access control isn’t just for major corporations; there are solutions for small companies that take their individual demands and requirements into account.


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Considerations for Small Business Access Control

Every small business has different types of assets to safeguard against intruders and sloppy staff. As a result, each organization will have unique access control and security requirements. For example, whatever assets does your company need to safeguard?

  • Cash
  • Electronics
  • Tools
  • Supplies
  • Machinery
  • Intellectual property
  • Trade secrets
  • Client lists
  • Client information
  • Other company assets

According to a University of Cincinnati research, cash is the most prevalent item taken by small company employees, with an average of $20,000 lost.

To construct the finest small office security system for your budget, you’ll want to ask yourself these critical questions in addition to researching the kind of assets you need to protect:

1. Do you need a scalable, expandable solution?

All small business access control solutions have scalability as a regular feature. It’s simple to extend Houston Security Solutions’ access control systems to incorporate more offices, doors, elevators, buildings, workers, and more – no matter where you need to expand in the world.

You don’t need to deploy a local server at each location with our cloud-based access control systems. Just connect our proprietary readers and Smart Hubs using industry-standard wiring, and you’re ready to go. Expansions (and shrinking) are a breeze with the cloud-based administration tools.

2. Who needs access?

Perhaps you only have one or two staff. Maybe you have ten or fifty. Do you additionally require access to your facilities for consumers, cleaners, maintenance personnel, suppliers, landscapers, or delivery personnel?

Many firms use keypad locks to save money on access control, but keycode sharing is unavoidable, and this opens the door for the wrong persons to obtain access. Houston Security Solutions’ smartphone-based access control, which binds access permits to each individual’s mobile device, is a safer approach. You may even offer temporary guest access links that allow guests to gain access without installing the mobile app.

3. What kinds of locks and hardware will you need?

When it comes to locking mechanisms and hardware for a small business security system, you’ll have various alternatives. Do you, for example, desire a push-button exit? Would you prefer more expensive electromagnetic locking mechanisms or more economical electric deadbolt locking systems for your facility?

Remember that, in addition to your external doors, having access control to your internal offices increases your protection against theft. You should additionally safeguard cabinets containing important assets and information.

4. Who will monitor and audit the access control and security system?

A cutting-edge access control and security system is useless unless it is monitored and maintained.

You will need to audit the system on a regular basis to see who is entering and exiting. You must test it to ensure that it functions properly. You’ll also require someone to add and remove access profiles when workers and visitors arrive and depart.

Will you or another reliable employee dedicate time and resources to the task?

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