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Comelit İntercom System

With Comelit’s extensive selection of cutting-edge audio and video intercom systems, you can enjoy the ideal marriage of style and technology while stylishly welcoming your guests.

Comelit, a multinational corporation founded in 1956, specializes in the development and production of video entry, video surveillance, and access control systems.


Comelit Video Entry Systems: Design, Technology And Security

Enjoy a new level of designed functionality thanks to Comelit’s avant-garde video entry technology and security features including:

Access Your Office with Smartphone

Discover why thousands of companies have Access Control System

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MPORTANT Vertex Security is a reliable and important partner of Comelit Diamond Dealer. For security initiatives around Houston City, Comelit strongly recommends our organization since we are knowledgeable with all of their equipment.

Vertex Security, a leading Comelit authorized installer and provider of installation, repair, and maintenance services for Comelit’s full line of indoor and outdoor door entry systems, has over 15 years of experience in comprehensive security solutions.

We serve and protect over 20,000 clients of all sizes as one of Houston’s top security firms, including residential properties, property management and construction firms, office buildings, hotels, schools, retail stores, small businesses, as well as governmental, hospitality, healthcare, educational, and religious institutions.


Cloud Based Access Control

Learn about cloud based access control system and its futures.

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Indoor Door Entry Monitors: Design And Technology For Modern Architecture

Comelit door entrance monitors are stylish items that were made to be the perfect home accent piece. They also provide a degree of technology that is unmatched, complete with cutting-edge features and unique functionalities that cater to all needs.

You may take advantage of the whole series of Comelit interior door entry monitors from Vertex Security, which includes the following models: Innovative 2-wire door entry monitor from Comelit, Mini Wi-Fi, Mini Audio, Maxi, Icona, Planux Lux, Mini, Easycom, Style

To learn more about Comelit interior door entry monitors, get in touch with us.

Access Control Installers

Join UPS Stores Using Access Control

With Cloud Based Access Control, UPS Stores can regulate and track who enters its facility for PO Boxes.

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Outdoor Video Technology: For A Welcome That Suits Your Style

Comelit outdoor entry panels are design-conscious products, inspired by the masters of modern architecture to adorn the entrance to your house in elegance. They embrace attractive, robust frames while exhibiting their full technical capabilities when appropriate.

You may take use of the whole line of Comelit outdoor entry panels from Vertex Security, which includes the following models: the most cutting-edge video doorbell in the world, Emergency, Vandalcom, 3One6, Ikall, Quadra, Architectus pro, and Roma

To learn more about Comelit outdoor entry panels, get in touch with us.

Commercial security cameras for business

  • Business security cameras with enhanced coverage and IR that improve situational awareness
  • Video analytics with AI to find incidents
  • Hours of video are easily sorted through by Video Search to locate a suspicious person or vehicle.
  • Integrates with third-party ONVIF® compliant platforms
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Comelit Away From Home App

The Comelit App offers remote control of video entry phone systems and quick connectivity to your house through a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to take calls and open doors and gates from anywhere at any time, whether you’re at home or not.

Main attributes of the Comelit Away from Home App:

Anybody attempting to reach you via your video entry panel will be able to do so, so take calls wherever you are.
Push notifications offer impressive data and energy savings because they only activate the app during a call.
Intercom calls – You may operate the home automation system and many systems simultaneously.
View recorded videos from external door entry monitors and cameras (video memory) when making video entry phone calls.
Manage lights, gates, and obstacles by controlling generic actuators.

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