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What are commercial security cameras and surveillance systems?

In order to improve security and safeguard their employees, assets, and buildings, organizations and institutions are increasingly employing commercial security camera systems.

Simply put, a commercial security camera system, often known as a business surveillance system, is a configuration of video security cameras, video recorders, and software that allows commercial video and building security systems teams to monitor and collect footage.

These building security camera systems are able to run round-the-clock, day and night, giving security personnel improved situational awareness that they would not otherwise have. The central station where the security team may watch it in real-time or examine recorded video receives the video footage that the business security cameras have recorded.

Use of commercial security camera systems—also known as commercial surveillance systems, corporate surveillance systems, and CCTV systems for business—has numerous justifications. Have a look at the various commercial security camera models and how they interface with the security systems of current businesses.

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The evolution of business security cameras systems

From the early days of CCTV systems for business, which were initially made accessible in 1942, commercial security camera systems and CCTV monitoring systems have advanced significantly. Back then, they were referred to as CCTV surveillance systems, also known as closed circuit camera systems. A CCTV system for business contained analog commercial CCTV cameras that sent a video feed via wires to designated viewing stations.

Since then, CCTV systems for business have advanced significantly. Traditional commercial CCTV systems for business have been transformed by the development of commercial wireless security cameras, often known as IP or cloud IP cameras, and cloud-based technology. This indicates that business video and security camera technology has advanced over time and is now more cheap for small companies, huge enterprises, different organizations, and other commercial purposes like major venue and stadium protection.

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Why commercial security camera systems are important

Business security camera systems are increasingly a need rather than a luxury. They are an essential component of an efficient security strategy and provide company camera system operators a more comprehensive understanding of what is happening on their property or at other places.

Commercial camera systems are crucial in assisting business video surveillance teams in seeing possible threats or developing problems, much as the usage of video security systems and cameras in educational institutions and public buildings. When a danger or incident is detected by the security team using the commercial camera systems, they may act immediately to prevent a catastrophic situation.

With the use of video analytics, which immediately notify the operator of possible issues filmed on the commercial security camera system, the pace of the security team’s reaction may be further accelerated.

According to research from the University of North Carolina, 60% of burglaries are prevented by the presence and utilization of commercial security cameras. This conclusion emphasizes the necessity for a professional video security system to prevent similar crimes from occurring and/or record evidence of such events in order to bring the burglars to justice.


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Components of commercial video surveillance systems

As was already said in this article, commercial security camera systems are made up of three technological components: corporate security cameras, video recorders, and commercial video security system software.

Business camera systems
Business security cameras record the situation in a supervised area. These cameras are the corporate video security team’s eyes, allowing them to monitor activity around their facilities. The commercial CCTV cameras record the footage, which is subsequently stored in a commercial video surveillance storage system. As a fail-safe for quick recovery or auditing, a commercial security camera system could additionally include on-device storage for specific cameras.

Storage for a commercial video surveillance system
The video footage collected by company security cameras is stored in commercial video security storage systems, commonly referred to as video recorder systems or CCTV storage systems for business. Network video recorders (NVR), digital video recorders (DVR), and hybrid storage systems are the three kinds available.

Software for a commercial video surveillance system
Your company’s video surveillance team may see both live and recorded footage that has been taken by the corporate security cameras thanks to commercial video security system software, also known as a video management system or video management software.

Your team can control the complete business security camera system from a single interface thanks to the software. This includes receiving notifications of possible problems, controlling user access using an integrated access control system, reviewing the status of enterprise security cameras, and more.

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Business security cameras: Types and use cases

Wired vs. wireless security cameras for businesses
Depending on the security camera firms providing these solutions, security cameras for businesses come in a variety of sizes, forms, and with a variety of functions. The sorts of commercial security camera systems must first be described.

There are two sorts of camera systems for businesses. Commercial CCTV systems that are wired are the first and more conventional choice. Analog security cameras for commercial use are connected to displays and video recorders through cables that also serve to power the cameras and transmit and store any acquired material.

The second, more contemporary option is a wireless security camera system for businesses. The commercial video security system operator receives footage from this building security camera system through the internet. While some systems may be powered by regular batteries, these wireless IP security cameras are often tethered to a power source to function.

After describing the different kinds of commercial security camera systems, this article will go on to discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of each system.

Benefits of Wired Security Camera Systems for Businesses: Businesses can rest easy knowing that their commercial CCTV cameras will consistently offer coverage as long as the power is on since they are linked to the power supply, video recorders, and viewing stations via cables and wires. Because of this, both small and big enterprises should consider installing connected security cameras.

A wired CCTV system for company has the advantage of allowing for the installation of more commercial CCTV cameras. For businesses seeking to implement a large commercial CCTV system, this makes a wired business CCTV system a realistic alternative.

Cons: The installation of these connected business CCTV cameras might be expensive. The extra wiring and cabling needed for a big business CCTV system deployment may dramatically raise the cost.

Commercial security cameras for business

  • Business security cameras with enhanced coverage and IR that improve situational awareness
  • Video analytics with AI to find incidents
  • Hours of video are easily sorted through by Video Search to locate a suspicious person or vehicle.
  • Integrates with third-party ONVIF® compliant platforms
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Wireless security camera systems for business

Benefit: The commercial video surveillance team has the freedom to remotely monitor their locations thanks to the installation of commercial cameras for small and big organizations.

Advantage: Compared to wired analog corporate security cameras, IP commercial cameras often have more sophisticated functions. A wireless security camera surveillance system may facilitate the work of the security team by providing greater coverage and incident notifications, in addition to improved camera control and AI-powered analytic capabilities.

Drawback: The dependability of the internet connection determines how well a wireless building security camera system works. During times of unstable or poor internet connectivity, the company video surveillance team may lose their camera feeds, which might hinder any monitoring efforts and could put the firm at danger of events occurring without the team’s awareness.

The finest business security cameras for different situations
Despite the fact that there are many other kinds of commercial security cameras, these are the top three that are often used in office buildings, shops, hospitals, and other locations.

Dome and bullet commercial security cameras
Bullet and dome security cameras are often attached to the ceiling or a wall and are positioned to record the scene of a specific region. Both cameras are perfect for keeping an eye on small to medium-sized places and may be mounted for usage inside or outdoors. These commercial dome and bullet security cameras have excellent zoom and low-light capabilities and provide a respectable amount of weather protection.

Fisheye business security cameras
360-degree security cameras provide thorough, broad coverage from a single vantage point, making them ideal for monitoring internal areas like lobbies, corridors, and rooms. Several customer-facing companies use the fisheye camera since it is recognized for being inconspicuous.

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Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) business security cameras

PTZ cameras are a particular favorite of commercial security system operators because they can be commanded to move in any direction and have excellent zoom capabilities. PTZ commercial outdoor security cameras provide extensive coverage, such as in parking lots. PTZ cameras provide dependable options for parking lot security cameras, comprehensive coverage in a variety of outdoor circumstances, and are built to resist severe weather conditions.

Video management systems (VMS)

A VMS is an essential part of commercial video surveillance systems. It allows security staff to control the whole building security camera system, watch live and recorded video, and more.

Consider how well the VMS interacts with your company security cameras when selecting security cameras for your establishment. This makes it easier to make sure that every part of your company surveillance system functions properly and gives your security team the equipment they need to improve safety and security.

It is crucial that the VMS is simple to use and has a user interface that even inexperienced operators can feel at ease with since the day-to-day responsibilities of company video surveillance teams may sometimes become daunting.

With the developments in video security, several security camera companies now provide a VMS with additional functionality and capabilities. They consist of cloud video surveillance features, integration with third-party cameras, and AI-powered video analytics. These developments aid commercial surveillance system teams in managing the safety and security of their facilities and speeding up incident reaction times.

Commercial security camera systems: On-premise vs. cloud

There are certain important considerations you should be aware of regardless of whether your company choose to administer the commercial security camera system on-premises or in the cloud.

For on-premise commercial security camera systems, the solution will need to be controlled by the on-site security personnel. This include doing any necessary software upgrades as well as maintaining the hardware of the commercial video security system. When implementing a business security camera system, on-premise systems also need a significant initial cost.

One of the main advantages of a cloud-hosted camera system for businesses is that the building monitoring system can be monitored from anywhere, at any time. A cloud-hosted solution is more scalable, but as the solution expands, customers must take into consideration greater subscription costs and a faster internet connection to guarantee that the building monitoring system can operate correctly on the cloud.

Commercial camera systems for different industries

Your needs and justifications for purchasing a business surveillance system may vary depending on the sector of company in which you operate. What are the needs of your company, and why do you need to establish a commercial video security system?

lessens violence
Commercial security camera systems are essential for commercial business locations including retail shops, casinos, and corporate office buildings. The primary goal of implementing corporate security camera systems at numerous locations, such as government buildings and hospitals, is to increase safety and security by lowering criminal activity.

Prevents theft

Theft may also be prevented with the use of a CCTV security system for businesses. Small companies lose between $25,000 and $33,000 each minute to shoplifters, according to a University of Florida National Retail Security Study. Yet it’s not only tiny enterprises that are in trouble.

Sites like retail establishments and office buildings must do all in their power to prevent theft, whether it comes from customers or staff. The use of retail shop security cameras or an office building video security system would significantly reduce theft since the mere presence of camera systems in commercial and office buildings might deter someone from committing theft or other illicit conduct.

If a theft occurs, the facility’s commercial video surveillance system or office building video security system team may quickly film the occurrence while reacting to it, archive the recorded footage, and communicate it with the relevant authorities through the VMS to prosecute those involved.

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