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If schools should install security cameras on campus is one of the most contentious issues today. There are several benefits to video surveillance in education, and security cameras have been shown to improve campus safety. But, before acting, school districts should weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Unfavorable feelings and worries about privacy invasion might result from improper use of video monitoring.

To help you comprehend both sides of this contentious topic, this page will list the advantages and disadvantages. Here are the subjects we’ll talk about:

How schools use security cameras
The advantages and advantages of installing security cameras in classrooms
The potential drawbacks and disadvantages of school security cameras
When and where to employ various security cameras on campus

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Pros of Using Security Cameras in Schools

Student safety is a high priority among the various duties that school administrators and personnel must do. Schools are obliged to keep students safe and to have the necessary measures in place to shield them from everything from bullying to vaping to catastrophes like natural disasters or active shooter scenarios. It’s a difficult task, and pressure from society and parents has grown over time.

This is where video security comes in. Most schools think about adding security cameras to assist keep kids and faculty safe, and video surveillance is a significant component of many school districts’ total security plans. There are numerous advantages to this, which we’ll go through below.

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1. School security cameras can improve emergency preparedness and response

When it comes to protecting a school, video surveillance is the first line of defense. A school may be more proactive about campus safety and know when suspicious behaviors are happening in real time thanks to new security cameras. A school’s commitment to safety is made abundantly obvious through video surveillance, which also helps with emergency response. As long as security cameras are put properly, most parents tend to embrace them for these reasons.

Having trustworthy, current information is essential during an emergency, and video surveillance may help. By assisting schools, modern systems enhance disaster readiness.

With automatic real-time alerts, you can respond to situations more rapidly.
Quickly share live video with first responders
AI Analytics can be used to proactively identify questionable conduct.


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2. School video surveillance can deter theft, mischief, vandalism, car theft, and potential threats

When security cameras are positioned in plain view, this can stop prospective crimes from occurring. When there is a camera there, most people will think twice before committing a crime because there is a far greater chance of suffering detrimental legal consequences when there are security cameras present.

When schools want to make it clear that security cameras are present, bullet cameras are a smart option. Many people mistake bullet cameras for standard CCTV video surveillance because of their conspicuous silhouette.

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3. Cameras in classrooms can decrease bullying and create safer environments for teachers and students

In some cases, professors may mistreat pupils and vice versa. False charges harm a teacher’s reputation and career, while harassment can be extremely harmful to a child’s well-being and academic development. When complaints of harassment are made, having security cameras installed in public areas or classrooms helps to provide some sort of objective truth. In the event of an incident, video evidence can give management precise information to act on. Birch Tree Academy has employed its security cameras to successfully resolve cases like these.

Benefits of Using Security Cameras to Stop Bullying
By instantly identifying aggressive behavior, fights, and bullying, you can stop an escalation.
Investigative cases should be closed as soon as feasible to safeguard victims and give them comfort.
Use unbiased video evidence to support or refute claims of bullying in order to handle occurrences appropriately and fairly.

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Cameras in classrooms help control campus perimeters and building access

Knowing who is on-site during school hours is essential for campus safety. A significant benefit of security cameras is their capacity to identify unauthorized visitors. Security personnel can more easily keep track of children and teachers and determine who should and shouldn’t be on school premises thanks to surveillance cameras. Schools now have even more capacity to detect illegal visitors in real time and increase security thanks to AI technologies like facial recognition.
By spotting trespassers such as uninvited guests, fence-hoppers, and questionable cars, video surveillance aids schools in protecting their campuses. Compared to earlier cameras, modern security cameras offer substantially higher resolution. Large outdoor spaces including parking lots, playgrounds, and sports fields can be successfully monitored thanks to better video quality.

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