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Features to Consider in a Business Security System

All business alarms solutions are different. There is no universally applicable security kit. A company security system is made up of a variety of components. These are necessary fundamentals. Video cameras, for instance, are required for video surveillance. Some elements provide beneficial updates, such as assisting in identifying situations without examining hours of footage. or offering mobile, secure access to camera footage.

One of Loffler’s physical security experts has provided the following list of typical security system components that should be taken into consideration. Not every organization need all of the components, even though they are all important to take into account. Once we are aware of your building(s) and your budget, we can provide you with more information about what is required. In light of this, the following characteristics of a video surveillance system should be taken into account:


Business Alarms Security System

Will there be a visual component to your security system? You can only see what’s happening in the physical realm of your business thanks to video. People frequently mention video as their top priority in a security system.

If you’re going to have cameras, the type of cameras you require will primarily depend on what you need them to do.

Should cameras be fixed or should they be able to zoom?
Are you looking for analog or IP cameras?
Will the cameras require infrared illuminators to enhance the image quality?
Does your system meet the needs of audio recording or playback?
Can SD cards be used for local storage in the cameras?
This list is merely a starting point for choosing cameras. Additionally consider the resolution and image quality that cameras require. Less grainy or unclear the image appears, the more pixels you have. The quantity of cameras you require must also be taken into account. Where they must be put will determine this.

A physical security assessment, in which engineers visit client premises and develop a strategy to improve physical security, is the starting point of many of our engagements. You can discuss your organization’s needs in-depth with a physical security professional during a physical security assessment, and they can assist you identify needs.

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You’ve probably seen a TV drama or movie where a character requests to view security camera footage only to discover that the VHS tape it was recorded on was overwritten every other day and the necessary footage was permanently lost.

Because most storage alternatives are now digital, the archaic cliche is uncommon today. You can keep video surveillance recordings on an SD card, on the servers of your business, on the cloud, or in a mix of all these places.

Talking about risk is frequently a smart idea when deciding what kind of storage you need. How much risk are you willing to accept? You run the danger of not being able to safeguard your property if you don’t have a security system. You would still be unable to evaluate incidents that occurred weeks ago if your security system only had a few days’ worth of storage. With a more reliable and complete storage platform that can reach back weeks or months, you assume even less risk.

At the same time, the price will increase in proportion to the size of the storage capacity and the amount of time it can store. Cost factors will be covered in greater detail below.

We have another piece that will walk you through how to assess your storage needs if you need some help thinking through data storage-related questions.


Cloud Based Access Control

Learn about cloud based access control system and its futures.

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Business Alarms & Notifications

Business Alarm systems scan your perimeter and alert you when suspicious movement is detected. Indications such as motion detectors, glass break sensors, and door opens can send out signals to seek help to the scene as quickly as possible.

Push notifications can be sent to a specified person or persons within your organization, a monitoring firm, or local authorities. They can be sent via email, phone, or text.

Alarms may use video surveillance as a backup verification. Notifications are issued whenever motion is detected (indicated by pixel changes on a camera). You can jump to a motion occurrence to see recorded activity on a specific camera because that motion is identified in the clip. You have a way to establish that the invader was actually a bat, a shadow, or rain, reducing expensive false alarm reactions.

If you have remote video surveillance, you can take a notification and determine whether you need to contact authorities without waiting for an alarm to go off.

Risk management is at the heart of everything physical security does. Even for a false alert, police might frequently be called automatically if an alarm rings. But, it can take too long for the police to arrive on the scene if you wait for a notification to be checked before calling them. Response time is longer for video surveillance without an alarm. When the problem is merely a bird in the warehouse, video surveillance with an alarm may call for police assistance.

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With Cloud Based Access Control, UPS Stores can regulate and track who enters its facility for PO Boxes.

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Secure Mobile Access

How will you access those cameras after they’re installed so you can check what’s on them? You’ll probably have access to them from your place of employment. But what about when you’re not around? Do you need a VPN connection on your computer or mobile device? Can you see video from a web browser or mobile app to see what’s happening at your company?

Most businesses want to be able to access their camera feed whenever they need to or want to. To avoid having to travel to specific locations to verify an alarm signal, look for a security system that provides a straightforward method of doing so. You can confirm alarms and/or notifications remotely with remote access. Getting a complete picture of how your business runs can help you optimize processes while protecting staff members and assets. For outdoor operations businesses like construction sites, auto dealerships, scrap yards, and recycling facilities, cloud-based AI security solutions have become a popular choice.

Commercial security cameras for business

  • Business security cameras with enhanced coverage and IR that improve situational awareness
  • Video analytics with AI to find incidents
  • Hours of video are easily sorted through by Video Search to locate a suspicious person or vehicle.
  • Integrates with third-party ONVIF® compliant platforms
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Access Control

Think about if your corporate security system needs to include access control. Access control refers to providing only authorized individuals access to your building or specific areas within it. Badges, key codes, or biometrics like fingerprint or facial recognition can all be used to do this.

Active Directory and access control can be connected. You can restrict employee access to particular spaces or buildings inside your company. For instance, if just the IT crew needs access to the server room. Or if just side doors are accessible to staff.

Your video surveillance system and access control can cooperate. Cameras watching who enters and exits a server room can timestamp when a door is opened or a card is swiped, allowing you to verify that the person entering the room is who they claim to be. This is referred to as event monitoring and is a useful feature to any security system.

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