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Magnetic Locks – Since the era of conventional metal locks and keys, security has advanced significantly. Commercial smart locks and electronic door lock solutions are now commonplace in most commercial settings. There are many different types of electromagnetic locks for doors, though, as with much modern technology.

Electric striking door locks and magnetic door locking systems are the two obvious solutions for optimal security in bigger scale business and residential establishments. But how do maglocks function, and what sets magnetic strike locks apart from electric striking locks?

This article will discuss the most widely used and efficient magnetic locks systems available and how they integrate with contemporary access control systems. You’ll also learn how to weigh the advantages, disadvantages, and costs of electric strikes and electromagnetic locks so you can make an informed choice about which option is best for your needs.

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Basics: Magnetic locks vs. electric strike locks and how they work

Before moving on, let’s define the key distinctions between mag locks and electric strike locks for doors.

A door electric strike lock relies on a solenoid to hold the door in a locked position, whereas an electromagnetic lock, often known as a mag lock, uses a secure magnetic lock mechanism to hold the door in place.

To function, both require a power source. The primary distinction between the two types of locks is that an electric lock is typically fail-secure and requires power to unlock the door, whereas a magnetic lock is typically fail-safe and requires power to lock the door.

Although both are employed in access control applications, electromagnetic locks are more common on doors that automatically lock and open, like security gates and automated doors. Whereas manual operation or situations where keypads or key fobs are needed to enable entrance are more common with door lock electric strike systems.

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How does an electric strike door lock work?

An electric strike latches the door with a hinged piece of metal. The door cannot open without an electronic signal when this metal is locked. The door is opened by the electrical signal moving the metal release latch that is located inside the door frame. An external wireless object, such as a fob, card, key fob, or keypad PIN, activates the door electric strike lock. For doors that need access control to restrict who can open them, electric strike door locks are frequently employed.

An actuator, a lock, and a bolt are used in conjunction with the internal electric strike plate mechanism to regulate the door’s lock. The lock is secured and the metal hinge is moved into position. The actuator, which depends on a power source, is then triggered to move and unlock the door by the electric strike plate.


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The difference between electric strike vs. electric locks

It’s also crucial to understand the difference between an electric strike and an electric lock system. For wood or metal doors, an electric door lock strike plate is common and can be used in conjunction with a deadbolt. For fail-safe or emergency doors, an electronic latch is frequently necessary. To comply with building requirements for emergency exits and related applications, you will probably be required to install an electric latch rather than an electric strike on doors that include a push bar or escape bar.

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How does a magnetic locks (maglock) work?

How then do mag locks function? A magnetic door strike consists of two components: a magnet mounted to the door and an armature door lock strike plate mounted to the door frame. The door lock’s magnet is powered by an electric field, which creates a magnetic field that holds the armature lock and magnet in place. The magnetic door strike must be de-energized in order to open the door and activate the magnetic release latch, which breaks the field and pushes the plate away from the mechanic. A card reader, keypad, or key fob are just a few of the tools that can be used to accomplish this.

For door security, you might contrast a mag lock with a shear lock. Simply put, a shear lock is a hidden magnetic lock that is positioned differently from the surface than a typical magnetic deadbolt lock into the door and frame. But their forces are what really set them apart. A shear lock provides a draw force in a shear direction, whereas a mag lock provides a force of a straight pull.

The choice between an electric strike and an electric lock for the doors in your building mostly depends on the power supply that is available, the type of door that is installed, and the level of security that you desire for the facility.

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Benefits of electric strike door locks

The distinctions between an electric release latch and an electric strike system for doors should now be clearer. There are many advantages to putting electric locking systems in commercial buildings including offices, schools, and apartment buildings.

Increased security from the outside: Because to its fail-secure nature, a door lock electric strike can help prevent illegal access during a power outage by locking from the outside. In the event of a fire or other emergency, users of electric strike door locks can also exit from the inside. They are particularly common in healthcare facilities and schools since they only permit authorized individuals access into a building and make it difficult to override or bypass an electric door lock strike.
The system can be updated remotely: The electric strike door lock system can be connected to a remote access management platform so that updates can be made from any location in the world. A secure Internet connection can be used to carry out new feature rollouts and security updates for optimal effectiveness.
No more misplaced keys: The use of a key is entirely unnecessary if you use a keypad system for electric strike door locks. Keys are readily lost or stolen when there are multiple users, which raises security issues and increases lifetime expenses.
Visible deterrent: Electric strike locks can also serve this purpose. Electric door locks are more difficult to hack into than mechanical locks, deterring opportunistic burglars. The electrical system also suggests the presence of further surveillance equipment, warning them that their actions won’t go unnoticed for long.
Property owners comply with municipal building and safety requirements thanks to electric latches and strike plates. Also, organizations can benefit from electromagnetic door lock systems by better protecting data and information kept on-site in servers or computers.

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Benefits of magnetic locks

One disadvantage of keyless door access for commercial and office buildings is that users may be unable to evacuate the premises in an emergency. Building rules often require firms to invest in escape devices that enable an emergency override for keyless commercial door locks in order to alleviate this issue.

It should be noted that the specifics of the needed exit devices, including where they should be utilized, are determined by local building codes. They are often mounted on the inside of doors to ensure that inhabitants may rapidly evacuate the facility if required.

Drawbacks of magnetic door lock for business

Magnetic lock systems continue to present difficulties in terms of building security that should not be disregarded. Keep in mind the following disadvantages of installing mag lock systems when comparing electromagnetic locks for doors in your organization.

Security drawbacks: Despite magnetic locks being highly powerful, their power supply makes them potentially more hackable than other solutions. If you install these locks, make sure you have backup power and more surveillance to keep your electromagnetic door lock systems safe.
Dependent on constant power supply: To maintain the magnetic field that secures the lock, a magnetic lock system is fully dependent on a constant power supply. In the event of a power loss, the system is compromised and the door will unlock, posing a potential security risk. The lifetime cost of magnetic locking mechanisms can also be impacted by the ongoing drain on power.
Cost: Magnetic locks for businesses typically have more expensive hardware than other solutions. Budget might be a deciding element when evaluating different electromagnetic lock systems, which could be a disadvantage of selecting magnetic door lock for commercial systems.

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