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Many firms now have several offices and sites across various regions, but not all of them have the resources necessary to effectively manage their specialized access and security systems. Because of this, primary offices frequently have devoted on-site IT managers, leaving subsidiary sites frequently without the security help they require.

It is advisable to establish a multi-site access control system to make the best use of limited company resources. This enables a centralized IT team to control numerous facilities from a single platform. Teams must take the time to carefully prepare the installation of multi-site access restrictions in order to accomplish this without exposing potential risks.

This manual will assist businesses with numerous sites in understanding how multi-site access control can be used to enhance on-site security while utilizing resources effectively and deploying the system in a way that minimizes the risk of security flaws.

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Which industries benefit from site access control, video security and security systems?

There are a few situations where multi-site access control systems will have a stronger influence on overall security, even though they are not appropriate for every firm. A multi-site access control system can be used by businesses that have spread teams in offices across the nation or abroad to give employees access to all of the office sites. This could be true for large corporations, governmental buildings, regional retail chains, building sites, and firms engaged in manufacturing or logistics.

Companies in the construction sector frequently operate out of multiple locations simultaneously. A multi-site construction access control system can enhance site security by protecting each location from attackers and properly securing expensive machinery.

A multi-site access system is advantageous to any firm that has to offer controlled access to a large number of employees or visitors across various locations. Business owners should take the time to comprehend their unique requirements in order to ensure that the implementation of a multi-site access control system will be advantageous. Some inquiries to make include:

How many persons will need access?
How many distinct sites will require controlled access?
Do various employees require various levels of access?
Should access be restricted on particular days or at particular times?
The answers to these queries will assist teams in creating a suitable multi-site access control system and assist businesses in selecting the most efficient devices for each location.

A building site access control system, for instance, may use digital credentials that automatically sync personnel credentials, titles, or departments to their authorization levels to guarantee that only qualified workers can reach specified sites.

While a warehouse or logistics hub is open around-the-clock, a commercial headquarters office may implement time-based site access controls to guarantee that all doors are shut after regular business hours. The various configurations can be used simultaneously, with distinct settings specified for each location, by implementing a multi-site access system.

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Types of controls for multi-site access control

Each company will have various multi-site access control requirements, with some requiring different settings to be established across numerous company-owned sites. For instance, a main office building would need a parking management solution to manage significant traffic flows, and nearby warehouse and storage facilities might profit from multi-factor credentials to safeguard priceless goods. As you plan your deployments, keep in mind the following frequently used multi-site access control system credentials and configurations.

RFID devices
Due to their simplicity of use and high level of security, radio-frequency proximity cards and fobs are among the most widely used building entry management solutions. However, these access devices may provide a few operating difficulties, such as:

Physical key cards might make it time-consuming to assign and revoke permissions.
Physically distributing active credentials across several sites can be challenging.
Depending on the implemented system, employees may require a unique card or fob for each site.
Employees frequently lose or forget key cards and fobs.
It can be challenging to provide manual updates or maintenance for RFID systems across numerous sites.
Mobile login information for multiple site access
By allowing individual users access permissions via their own mobile devices, smartphone-based access management eliminates the possibility of staff members losing key cards or conventional physical keys. These configurations are perfect for multi-site access control systems since credentials can be easily given, managed, and revoked remotely from a single location and used to govern access for numerous sites.

Cloud-based and hybrid multi-site access control systems
Operators can choose between on-premise and cloud-based operations when it comes to safeguarding multiple sites. The installation, operation, and integration of a cloud-based system are all flexible. As they do not require the purchase of servers or other storage gear, they are typically simpler to implement than on-premise solutions.

Several buildings must be managed while operating various sites, and these buildings frequently have different security requirements. On-premise solutions enable more adaptability to match the needs of a building, but each site needs to be maintained and managed separately.

On the other hand, management can be eased with a multi-site access control system housed in the cloud, particularly when it comes to modifying permissions and schedules. Permissions can be provided or denied instantaneously for new or previous users in any or all places with a few clicks, and system updates are frequently carried out automatically via the internet.

In terms of integration, a cloud-based access control system also makes it simpler to integrate with other cloud technologies, like video surveillance and alarm systems. When managing security for several sites, having all technologies connected in one location is especially helpful because it reduces the need for security staff to handle various systems in multiple places.

A hybrid implementation may provide the highest return on investment for your current multi-site access control solution as you scale. In this arrangement, an existing on-premise system makes use of a cloud connector product to enable the addition of new cloud-based building site access systems to the network and their management on a single platform.


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Setting up secure multi-site access control

The sharing of user and system data is the main problem firms have when implementing multi-site access control. Most independent access devices evaluate presented credentials through localized communications. All devices must be correctly synced and communications must be secure in order to operate a multi-site system safely.

More time must be spent integrating systems to make sure that all data, permissions, and updates are synchronized amongst devices as more sites are added to a multi-location office or construction site access control network. This can be accomplished by selecting systems with an open platform, which makes it possible for all hardware and software to be quickly merged into a single, cohesive system. A cloud-based solution also allows administrators the freedom to manage all devices through a single interface from any location at any time.

Network security and real-time status reports can assist safeguard all of your sites while keeping your team updated on any unusual activity at any particular location.

To ensure that new technologies and current systems can work together as a platform, you should always test their interoperability. You should also use cybersecurity best practices to safeguard the data in your system at all levels.

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Potential issues with a multi-site access control system

Uncoordinated security systems
In order to ensure successful incident responses, teams must be able to swiftly access all security devices. Access control devices are best used as a component of integrated building commercial security systems. To facilitate easy management and reduce security threats, it is crucial to make sure that all devices across several sites are integrated.

For instance, video security can be connected with multi-site access control to detect unwanted entry attempts with immediate visual confirmation and communication to the appropriate persons. When the systems aren’t in sync, it takes longer to get the access warning, find the right camera, look for the footage, and then send the local team to investigate. Operators can rapidly identify problems and act quickly when necessary thanks to a cloud-based management platform that enables all systems to be handled in a single interface.

lack of remote access
Successful multi-site access control for construction, office-based, or other commercial organizations must be developed with remote access in mind. The main advantage of these systems is the ability to conserve resources by controlling all company-wide security responses from a single platform at any time, wherever. Remote access should be considered while designing any associated networks, such as those for cameras, visitor management, and alarm systems.

alerts and notifications that are delayed
As a multi-site access system enables businesses to control building security without being physically there, it’s crucial that all devices are synced and capable of instantly exchanging warnings and alerts to guarantee that every location is secure. Devices should be set up to notify administrators of access events with precise time and location information so they can respond appropriately.

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