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When a building lockdown is activated, a lockdown system automatically secures doors to safeguard all parts of the site in the case of a threat. This promotes lockdown security. A laptop, key card, or an app might all be used as triggers to start the lockdown mechanism.


Choosing the right building lockdown system

There is no universal building lockdown solution that everyone may use as part of their lockdown preparations since building lockdown security systems vary owing to varied individual site needs. Each lockout safety solution is different. For instance, a lockdown security system used in a single building will be different from one used in a complex of buildings with many more places and entrances to control.

The lockdown safety system you choose will be influenced by your budget, since more feature-rich systems will cost more. For schools and colleges wishing to adopt a lockdown system, safety grants for schools can provide financing for a full solution to assist keep students and faculty safe.

Your choice may also be influenced by the sorts of door locks you currently use and your security technologies, as these must work along with your lockdown security system in order for it to function properly.

Is your security team located on-site or off-site? Your decision to purchase a cloud-capable solution and whether your staff will need to control the lockdown system remotely, for example via a mobile device, will depend on the answer to this question.

You must also make sure that the building lockdown system you choose conforms with the fire code and meets the legal criteria of your local or state government.

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Office building lockdown procedures and systems

External Threat Use Case
The video security cameras and video management software in your office warn you of a potentially dangerous group outside the building. The security staff initiates a lockdown of the entire building and follows the lockdown procedures for your office. To keep the hostile gang from entering, exterior security doors for businesses and other commercial usage automatically lock. This helps to keep those inside secure.

The security crew alerts those within the office through the tannoy, radios, and an alarm when the lockdown button and alarm are activated. When it is safe to do so, the lockdown system can then be turned off.

Use case: Internal threat
The security staff can assist in implementing lockdown safety plans and activating the lockdown security system in situations where the threat is present within the office building, such as an unauthorized ex-employee. This would activate the internal door lockdown device for all doors and certain rooms, keeping people secure by preventing the intruder from entering certain areas.

Alternatively, if the fire alarm system is triggered, the lockdown security system can immediately unlock all doors to enable a secure evacuation.

School lockout system and safety procedures
External Threat Use Case
The school lockdown security systems, which in turn trigger lockdown doors to stop floodwaters from entering the school’s buildings, can be activated by the security staff in the case of an external threat like flooding. A lockdown of the campus can also be started by them.

The lockdown alert is broadcast to everyone inside the school building, as well as to parents and first responders, in accordance with the lockdown guidelines for schools. Those who are thought to be in danger should receive extra care. Taking attendance guarantees that all students and educators are present once sent to a safe area. The lockdown procedures for schools can be completed once the flood threat has passed by deactivating the school lockdown system.

Use case: Internal threat
The school’s security cameras can identify threats while they are already inside the facility, like a thief who has broken into the lobby, and they can inform the security crew. By pressing the panic button on their desk, the receptionist in the lobby also alerts the security crew and activates the lockdown security systems for the school. By pressing the lockdown button, all of the school’s internal door locks and the lockdown systems in the classrooms would be secured.

Now that the security personnel is aware, they can use the lockdown alarm to warn those within the building. After the team is certain that all students, employees, and visitors are secure, they can engage with law enforcement to eliminate the threat. The security operator can remotely unlock a specific classroom door with the help of live security camera footage in order to let law enforcement inside the school or to safely evacuate students. The internal door and classroom lockdown solutions, which are a part of the school lockdown system and broader school alarm system, can be deactivated once the threat has been eliminated by law enforcement and the building is safe.


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Best practices and things to consider for an effective lockdown

Examine your security protocols.
Reviewing your emergency preparedness and lockdown protocols for workplaces and schools is crucial to removing any gaps. Your organization will know what to do and when to do it during an emergency circumstance if you outline comprehensive lockdown strategies. To make sure that people with responsibilities can carry out their duties efficiently, lockdown exercises are also crucial. Such drills in schools are required by law in some American states.

Assign roles
As part of emergency preparedness and lockdown protocols, assign roles to make it obvious who is in charge of what. Who, for instance, is in charge of activating the door lockdown mechanism and who is in charge of keeping an eye on the threat and its movement?

first responders’ access
How will first responders enter a building housing an office or school where the exterior and/or interior doors have already been locked? Do first responders need keys or a key fob to open doors, or can your access control system accept mobile device access credentials for instant entry?

System for access control and its features
You must be aware of the capabilities of your access control system in order to implement a lockdown and security system for buildings or schools. Does your automatic lockdown system allow users to remotely trigger a lockdown button and lockdown alarm from a mobile device or only from a control room? Your access control, lockdown safety system, or school safety software must continue to function even if your building experiences a network or electrical interruption during an emergency, typically using a backup battery or power source.

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