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What are school and campus security systems?

Campus security systems – Educational facilities should only be designed to create a learning atmosphere. To do this, a solid foundation of safety is required, which can be achieved by installing a thorough security system for schools and campuses from reputable school security companies. This system must include an alarm system for the school and campus, access control, door locks, video security, and other school security solutions.

Over the past ten years, educational institutions have adopted security cameras for schools and university campuses, as well as school alarm systems and efficient access control, with a greater emphasis on security systems for schools and campuses. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, between 2009–10 and 2019–20, more public schools reported using school security systems, with a 49% increase in the use of security cameras, a 22% increase for ID badges, and a 6% increase for access control.


Security alarm systems for schools and campuses

A good school alarm system can protect academic buildings from burglary, illegal entry, fire, and natural disasters, some of which must be followed in accordance with regional building requirements. By installing perimeter alarms, any infiltration incident can activate the school’s alarm system, which would then emit a loud siren and/or flashing lights, alerting any trespassers that their intrusion had been seen by the security team and the appropriate authorities. School administrators can identify situations like jammed locks and open doors with the use of a sensor alarm for doors. Door security alarms can be set off by a motion sensor alarm, a vibration detector, a sensor alarm on a door, or by infrared.

K–12 school security alarm systems vs. college campus security alarm systems
Schools and campuses can employ school safety grants to establish integrated security systems, assisting in the protection of kids and faculty, whether it’s a school alarm system for a K–12 single building or a college campus security alarm system for a vast multi–building complex.

An alarm system for schools can be placed in single-building institutions to improve situational awareness both inside and outside. For instance, when a fire alarm is triggered, the alert is transmitted to the security team via the school alarm system, and they can identify where in the school the alarm was triggered thanks to the supporting mapping software. The appropriate personnel or first responders can then be informed about the school alarm system so they can react to the emergency without having to waste time looking for the alarm position themselves.

Operators of university campus security systems must be informed of incidents occurring in various areas. Operators of campus security systems may be alerted to an occurrence that is a driving distance away from their control room, in contrast to a security alarm system for schools that warns operators to an event taking place within a short walking distance of the control room. For entrances and exits, staff rooms, data rooms, libraries, gyms, and other facilities that are normally found across a university campus, door security alarms would be necessary.

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Access control and door locks for schools and college campuses

It is crucial that educational institutions implement campus security measures that let authorized visitors to enter and prevent unauthorized visitors from entering. Keyless entrance systems called access control systems are used to secure both indoor and outdoor spaces, such as parking lots and classrooms. It’s crucial to choose the access control system that best complements your school safety plan, from keypads to biometrics to mobile-based access management.

Schools and universities must make sure their buildings are secure at all times, whether it be during the school day, at night, or even on the weekend. Unauthorized people won’t be able to enter restricted facilities because an advanced access control system with the best school door locks and door sensor alarms is installed at various campus and school security checkpoints. If they choose to break in violently, an alert is transmitted to the school and university security system alerting the operator of an intrusion. Operators may know who is accessing what and when by looking at the activity log, which records all access events. You may go even farther with the security of restricted areas inside a building by using efficient door locks that feature a security alarm for the door or a sensor alarm for the door.

Access control system types
The best door sensor alarms and locks, as part of a contemporary access control system for schools and college campuses, will enable people with the proper credentials to simply gain entrance to a building, classroom, or school facility. In the form of badges, as part of an on-premise solution, or via cloud-based mobile access, where credentials can be transferred digitally to the individual’s smartphone, schools and campuses can provide such credentials to students, staff, and even planned visitors or suppliers.

An on-premise access control security system for schools is hosted on your own servers and kept in-house, allowing your team to take total control of the settings, connections, and controls without having to rely on a third-party vendor.

With a cloud-based access control system, access events can be managed remotely at any time, which means the operator is not required to be present to grant access, modify settings, and distribute credentials. This kind of security system for schools not only contributes to cost-effectiveness and efficiency gains, but it is also easy to implement and expand in scope.


Cloud Based Access Control

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Security cameras for schools and college campuses

Security teams need to be aware of what is happening and where when a scenario arises. By installing school security cameras at specific school security checkpoints, such as in incident-prone areas, they can provide live and recorded video to the control room via the video management software (VMS), giving operators improved situational awareness and the capacity to make informed decisions that speed up real-time responses and forensic investigations. The newest video security solutions offer AI-powered video analytics that can automatically alert users to an issue as it unfolds on their video management software, resulting in quicker reactions and the provision of crucial information that can improve school security system protocols.

types of security cameras
dome and bullet security cameras

a well-liked option for a range of indoor and outdoor use cases.
capable of delivering crystal-clear video images.
Advanced dome and bullet security camera types come with AI-powered video analytics, which can enable customers be alerted to hazards that could otherwise go unnoticed.
Installation is simple.
Panoramic security cameras

Certain fisheye and multi-directional panorama cameras have built-in AI-powered video analytics that improve situational awareness and can capture up to 360-degree views.
Because small and large spaces may be easily watched by a single panoramic camera, school or campus security systems typically require fewer panoramic security cameras, lowering overall deployment costs.
The camera blends in with the surroundings and is less noticeable because to its sleek, low-profile design.
Installation is straightforward.
PTZ security cameras

Good low-light performance and extensive coverage. When combined with great zoom capabilities, the PTZ camera is the finest option for monitoring large outside locations, day or night, such as a parking lot or school grounds.
Some models include analytics enabled by AI, such as object classification and motion detection.
ability to withstand a variety of weather situations.

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The benefits of an integrated security system for schools

Integrating the various parts of a school security solution can result in a stronger, more comprehensive system. For the maximum level of security and effectiveness when selecting campus security systems, seek for school security providers that provide seamless integration between locks, access control, cameras, and alarms.

Integration of alarm systems with school security measures as a use case
Regrettably, bike thefts are getting increasingly frequent on college campuses. According to a recent study from England, there is typically one bike theft reported for every 66 students, and 96% of instances either had no resolution or no suspect was identified. Installing video security cameras integrated with the school alarm system at key locations close to a bike shed as part of a security system for schools and colleges may assist reduce theft. Bike theft occurrences can be recorded and brought to the security team’s attention in real time by taking pictures of the entire situation. The school’s bike alarm system might then go off to scare the thief away, and the video footage can help identify and track down the suspect if they’re still on campus. The school security system might also notify authorities if the suspect returns to campus with the aid of AI video analytics tools, such as Avigilon Appearance SearchTM technology.

Commercial security cameras for business

  • Business security cameras with enhanced coverage and IR that improve situational awareness
  • Video analytics with AI to find incidents
  • Hours of video are easily sorted through by Video Search to locate a suspicious person or vehicle.
  • Integrates with third-party ONVIF® compliant platforms
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Use case: School security solutions for bike thefts

Regrettably, bike thefts are getting increasingly frequent on college campuses. According to a recent study from England, there is typically one bike theft reported for every 66 students, and 96% of instances either had no resolution or no suspect was identified. Installing video security cameras integrated with the school alarm system at key locations close to a bike shed as part of a security system for schools and colleges may assist reduce theft. Bike theft occurrences can be documented and brought to the security team’s attention as they happen by capturing the full scene. The school’s bike alarm system might then go off to scare the thief away, and the video footage can help identify and track down the suspect if they’re still on campus. The school security solution might also notify authorities if the suspect returns to campus using AI video analytics, such as Avigilon Appearance SearchTM technology.

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Use case: School lockdown procedure

One disadvantage of keyless door access for commercial and office buildings is that users may be unable to evacuate the premises in an emergency. Building rules often require firms to invest in escape devices that enable an emergency override for keyless commercial door locks in order to alleviate this issue.

It should be noted that the specifics of the needed exit devices, including where they should be utilized, are determined by local building codes. They are often mounted on the inside of doors to ensure that inhabitants may rapidly evacuate the facility if required.

Use case: School lockdown procedure

In certain circumstances, a lockdown of the school or campus may be required to maintain safety. A responsive access control system, which also combines with a school alarm system, cameras, and sensors to build a potent school security solution, can be used to carry out an effective school lockdown method. For instance, if an intruder is able to force entry via the entrance doors and access an elementary school, the door security alarms will transmit an alert via the school’s access control system and warn security that an unauthorized person has obtained access. Cloud-based lockdown activation, provided by school security providers like Avigilon, enables administrators to activate a personalized lockdown plan from anywhere, ensuring that classrooms and other safe areas remain inaccessible to the intruder. In order to act swiftly and forcefully, the operator of an integrated video security system can also identify and follow the intruder’s movements.

A lockdown may be implemented at the intrusion’s precise location if such an incident happened on a large college campus. The disturbance would not affect the entire campus as a result.

Cybersecurity for school security systems

There has never been a better moment to make sure that universities and colleges are implementing solutions and best practices intended to safeguard sensitive data. As part of a security system for schools and campuses, the emphasis must shift to developing robust cybersecurity resilience by:

Doing a network and cybersecurity system audit of the facility and making sure that this happens periodically so that vulnerabilities may be fixed.
ensuring that all employees have received cybersecurity training and that students are informed about the best practices for avoiding becoming the target of a cyberattack.
limiting network access and installing robust firewalls to stop any illegal activity.
With an advanced access control system, restrict physical access to data rooms and IT infrastructure.
routinely and legally backing up school data systems.
creating a robust procedure for responding to cybersecurity attacks.

Security management platforms

It is crucial that these systems are managed effectively because there are numerous standalone security solutions for schools and colleges. Teams may centralize the upkeep, operating status, and scalability of the school alarm system, access control, and video security by deploying a security management platform. Teams may lessen workloads, increase productivity, and guarantee that their school and campus security systems are optimized and operational by centralizing all of these systems on a single platform.


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