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The Top Commercial Intercom Systems & Security For a Business or Multifamily Community

 Commercial Intercom Systems  – Since 1894, the commercial and multifamily intercom business has seen significant change. In today’s fast-paced world, safeguarding the protection of your commercial property is essential. With improved communication, access management, and security solutions specifically designed for enterprises, a commercial intercom system is not just a luxury but a need. Whether you manage an office, a retail space, a multifamily community, or any other type of commercial enterprise, installing an intercom system can greatly improve your security measures and expedite communication.

The proper intercom for your company or complex can be difficult to choose because modern commercial intercom systems have cutting-edge capabilities like video, mobile phone integrations, and wireless connectivity possibilities. Depending on your needs, some of the many solutions available may not function as intended. As a result, we’ve put together this thorough overview with specifications and suggestions for the top commercial intercom systems now available.

Keyless Entry Systems

What are Commercial Intercom Systems?

A commercial intercom system is essentially a communication device created especially for office settings. It enables direct connection between various building components or even between various buildings on a business site. But, communication is only one aspect of it. Intercom systems are crucial for security since they allow for limited access to various regions of the building and make sure that only authorized people may enter certain areas.

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What are the Types of Commercial Intercom Systems?

The needs of organizations have changed throughout time, and intercom systems have developed to meet those needs. There are many various intercom types available today, each with special features and advantages that are suited to particular commercial applications.

Intercom Systems for Businesses
The Flying Locksmiths Team Installs a Business Intercom System in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
For the particular requirements of enterprises, business intercoms are created. These intercoms frequently have capabilities that make it easier to communicate between departments or within an office. A company intercom system makes sure that messages are transmitted swiftly and effectively, whether it’s connecting the main office to a warehouse or facilitating communication between different levels. They are frequently connected with other office systems, ensuring seamless operations and increased security.

An illustration of how office intercoms are used: A huge e-commerce company with a multi-story office building incorporated a business intercom system to connect their customer care department on the bottom floor with their inventory management team on the top floor. As a result, inventory check response times were shortened, and overall customer satisfaction increased.


Cloud Based Access Control

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Audio Intercom Systems

An audio intercom system is a simple but effective means of communication between someone outside a building and someone working at a reception desk within a building. Before authorizing entrance, these systems solely allow for audio verification. They are helpful for commercial buildings and apartment complexes where security is a major priority because it is essential to know who is on the other side of the door. Businesses can increase the overall security of the premises by using audio intercoms to ensure that only authorized people obtain access by speaking to a person before allowing admission.

The visitor just presses a button on an audio intercom to let someone inside the building know they are waiting at the entry. From within the building, a person presses a button and asks who they are speaking with and why they need to enter. The visitor then presses a button while introducing himself and explaining why they need to enter the building. A door release button is pushed, and the visitor can enter the building if they are permitted admission.

Intercom Systems with Video
ButterflyMX In Quincy, Massachusetts, a video intercom system raises the bar for security and communication. These systems, which have video capabilities, provide visual validation prior to providing entrance. This is particularly helpful for business properties where security is a major consideration. Businesses can increase the overall security of the premises by installing video intercoms to make sure that only authorized people can enter. The new video feature also keeps track of all entrances and exits, which is useful for investigations and audits.

An illustration of how video intercoms increase security: A high-end jewelry store in a busy city center employed a video intercom system to screen clients before letting them in. This extra degree of security made sure that only legitimate consumers were allowed access, minimizing risks.


Video Intercoms:
Visible verification and improved security are advantages.
Cons: Expensive and difficult to install.

Audio-Only Intercoms:
Less expensive and easier to install.
Cons: Perhaps less secure due to the lack of visual confirmation.

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Wired Intercoms

Traditional wired intercom systems rely on physical connections between stations. They guarantee minimal interference by providing a steady and dependable communication path. One of the major benefits of wired intercoms is that they are less sensitive to interference from outside sources, such as those from other electronic equipment. However, the installation procedure can be more time-consuming and demanding.
Wireless Intercoms
Wireless intercoms, on the other hand, provide versatility and are simple to install. To communicate between stations, they employ radio waves or Wi-Fi connections. This makes them perfect for organizations that seek a more flexible layout or those that are located in older buildings where additional wire may be difficult to install because they may be placed without the requirement for substantial wiring.


Wired Intercoms:
Advantages: More solid and secure, less prone to disruption.
Cons: More difficult installation; less location options.

Wireless Intercoms:
Easy installation and more positioning flexibility are advantages.
Cons: Possible interference from other devices, poor Wi-Fi signal quality, and potential security issues.

How these can be combined and selected: A historic business building chose a wireless intercom system to avoid costly wiring and maintain the building’s appearance.

Commercial security cameras for business

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What are the Best Features in Commercial Intercoms?

Understanding the characteristics that set an intercom system apart is crucial when thinking about installation for your commercial building.
Video Capabilities: As previously indicated, video intercoms provide visual verification, making sure that only people with permission can enter the building.
Wireless Connectivity: Wireless intercom systems offer installation flexibility and can be seamlessly incorporated without the need for substantial wiring. Video integration with wireless technologies can improve access control to your building and provide more information.
Access Control: This function enables organizations to manage who has access to which areas of the structure. You may make sure that unauthorized personnel cannot enter sensitive areas by using access control.
Multiple Stations: Having several stations makes it possible for communication to take place throughout the commercial property’s various locations. Whether it’s the base station in the main office or secondary stations in different areas of the building, uninterrupted connectivity is ensured.
Simple Installation: A decent intercom system should be simple to setup. Whether you choose a wired or wireless intercom, the installation procedure should be simple and painless.
Durability: Given how frequently these technologies are used, durability is an important characteristic. Particularly the door stations should be durable enough to survive regular use.
Cloud-Based Systems: A contemporary company intercom system will provide cloud-based solutions, enabling remote access and management. This is especially helpful for companies with several locations or those that need remote monitoring.
Mobile App Access Control: Several intercom systems now support the integration of mobile apps as a result of the proliferation of smartphones. This enables simple access control and monitoring from a mobile device.
Systems for Touchless or Contactless Entry: Contactless entry systems have grown in popularity in the era of pandemics because they provide a secure and clean approach to provide admission without making physical touch.
Integration with Additional Security Systems: Businesses can get a complete solution from the best intercom systems by integrating them with other security systems. Integrating with other security cameras may be essential for businesses, as a comprehensive security camera system may be higher-quality and cover a bigger area, providing you more awareness.

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So What Is The Top Commercial Intercom Of 2023?

Despite the difficulty of the decision, based on our decades of experience installing them, we believe that ButterflyMX and Swiftlane will tie for the best commercial intercom of 2023.

Which one do you pick? It all comes down to one basic question.

How many tenants do you have?

Choose ButterflyMX if there are several tenants. Swiftlane offers a lower initial cost, but it struggles to navigate big directories.

Although Swiftlane’s tenant navigation and communication experience is leagues better than, say, legacy DoorKing Systems where you’ve got one button that goes up (and that’s it), tenant navigation is superior on ButterflyMX, and your users will find a more streamlined user experience that will allow you to charge higher rents in the long run.

Why Businesses Need a Commercial Intercom System?

Security is of the utmost importance in the world of commercial business. Intercom systems have two advantages: they improve communication and access management while also strengthening security.

Securing Your Company
A strong security system is necessary since dangers to business property are growing. By limiting who is allowed inside the facility, intercoms add an extra degree of protection. In order to offer a complete security solution, they can be combined with other security systems, such CCTV cameras.
Enhancing Tenant Quality of Life
An intercom system can considerably enhance the quality of life for business buildings with several occupants. It makes it simple for renters and property management to communicate, guaranteeing that any problems or worries are quickly resolved.
Ensuring Product Delivery
An intercom system ensures that goods are received securely for companies that depend on regular delivery. Delivery workers can communicate directly with the appropriate department, ensuring that deliveries are made quickly and securely.

Making Guest Access Easier
An intercom system can simplify the process of gaining entry for establishments that frequently receive visitors. Only approved people are allowed in by screening visitors before they enter.

The Future of an Intercom System

With technological breakthroughs paving the way for more intelligent and integrated solutions, the future of commercial intercom systems is bright. What to anticipate is as follows:
AI Integration Systems
Using voice recognition, predictive analytics, and even behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) can improve intercom systems.
System for Face Recognition
This technology can be incorporated into video intercom systems, providing even more secure access control. It can identify authorized people and allow access without cards or codes.
IoT and Smart Building Integration
Intercom systems will probably integrate with other smart building technologies to provide a coherent and intelligent building management system as part of the larger Internet of Things (IoT).

The Flying Locksmiths Intercom System Design & Installation

A commercial intercom system is a crucial security asset that every organization should prioritize. It serves as more than just a tool for communication. There is a solution that fits your demands, whether you’re looking for a basic business intercom system or a more sophisticated video intercom system with numerous stations. By selecting the appropriate intercom system, you may improve security and access control to guarantee seamless communication. The security requirements of your company or property can be assessed by The Flying Locksmiths. Reach out to us and let us help you decide your next step with a physical security inspection if you have any queries about whether your site requires a wired business intercom system or a wireless one.

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