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Automatic door servicing makes use of automatic door operators and is a terrific addition to any business because, in many situations, they are mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rule, but they also offer accessibility and a sense of professionalism. Your doors must be in good condition, though, to secure those advantages. The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) advises that automated doors be inspected by a professional at least once a year, but more frequently (or more frequently) depending on the use of the doors. Heavier use implies that they require more frequent inspection and repair.

In this article, we’ll discuss why automated door operators require routine maintenance, how to maintain automatic doors, and some straightforward troubleshooting techniques you can use before hiring a qualified, AAADM-certified inspector. Let’s explore the many aspects you should think about and keep an eye out for so that you know when automatic door repair services are required.

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Why Do Automatic Door Servicing Need Regular Maintenance?

Although maintaining your automatic doors may not seem like a top priority, regular maintenance on your doors and other parts of your property can help you avoid accidents and the need for later, more expensive repairs or replacements.

If your building or facility contains automatic door operators, you should prioritize automatic door maintenance. We advise arranging routine maintenance, but you may also give us a call after performing a self-performed visual inspection. Examine a handful of the items we advise evaluating:

Check to see if your door sensors are opening (and closing) your doors as usual. Issues with the former can prohibit people from entering your building, while problems with the latter can result in injury.
Signage & Safety – Verify that all necessary safety signage is posted and that any mats are fastened to avoid slipping.
Door Panels: As they open, the doors should be able to clear any floor mats and shouldn’t be too close to any items of furniture or merchandise in your building.
Adapt to the Weather – Dangerous conditions can result from rain, snow, wind, and other weather. Keep in mind the weather and make sure the area is clean, your doors aren’t broken, and your matting are in good condition.
After making a significant investment in high-quality automated door operators, it only makes sense to perform regular maintenance on them. The Flying Locksmiths can ensure that your automatic doors are completely operational and prepared to welcome customers, clients, tenants, or patients, whether you’ve finished an evaluation and discovered an issue or want to be proactive with preventive maintenance.

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Automatic Door Repair Servicing Guidelines & Repair Schedule

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) suggests that automated doors be serviced once a year to prevent breakages that would otherwise be expensive and to ensure the safety of visitors who depend on the overall security of the door system.

In fact, the AAADM inspection process must be followed every time a security expert touches an automatic door. It also goes without saying that a repairman must be AAADM certified in order to even work on an automatic door’s lock. There are several reasons for this, but the most significant ones are legal and safety-related. Facilities maintenance directors around the country share tales of expensive legal action brought against businesses for letting unlicensed personnel to work on handicap operators or automatic doors.

It is advised to have a professional evaluate your automated doors more regularly than once a year if they are used more frequently than usual, for example, during the busy season for your company. Risk assessments are a common service that can help you monitor the condition of your doors and stop serious problems from happening.


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How Can You Maintain Automatic Doors?

Your automatic doors should be inspected everyday for safety, according to AAADM. You must test your automated doors yourself to make sure there are no obvious problems and that they are functioning properly. These safety checks involve selecting the proper door operator, looking at safety markings, performing daily safety checks, and performing weather checks. These are all effective strategies to keep an eye on your doors and identify issues early on, allowing you to contact a professional for maintenance before they grow significantly worse and become more expensive.

Repairing automatic doors should be a top concern because they can get extremely expensive. You may perform a few tasks on your own to make sure your automatic doors are in good working order in addition to routine maintenance and expert inspections. You can carry out the following maintenance on your doors:

Obtain The Right Door Operator: You must first make sure the automatic doors can handle the volume of traffic at a specific opening. Before choosing a company and model of automatic door operator, think about how frequently your automatic door will be utilized. The type of operator required will depend on whether there are few users or a lot of foot traffic. Talk to a qualified AAADM accredited company for advice on the best door operator to meet your particular demands. Some auto operators are light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty.
See Safety Markings: A door without the requisite safety signage might result in liability issues, so make sure your automatic doors are properly marked with the necessary safety signage. Foot traffic arrows or “stop” marks on both sides of the door’s swing path are strong indications that it is an automatic door.


Do Daily Safety Inspections: Conduct daily safety inspections of your automatic doors. The automatic door’s proper operation will be ensured by a daily safety inspection.
• To make sure the automated door is opening correctly, turn it on by pressing the actuator or motion sensor. The door should open smoothly, and when it is fully opened, it should remain open for at least five seconds before beginning to close. Make sure it shuts gradually, smoothly, and consistently.
• Look for any debris or barriers in the path leading to the door and the area around it. If there is a lot of foot activity, repeat this several times each day to make sure there are no barriers that could make the car operator behave strangely.
• Check the door itself for any visible flaws or loose components, just as you would the walkway leading up to it.
Weather Checks: Checking your automated operators is crucial after storms, in extremely hot or cold weather, and in general. Check for and remove any accumulation of salt or ice on your door’s components on an exterior opening throughout the winter (actuators, sensors, door frame, door hardware or door itself). Any accumulation can obstruct the door’s operation and potentially harm the door itself. During prolonged periods of rain, snow, or cold, check many times every day. Also, during summer heat waves, the door may swell and cause it to rub against the frame or threshold. To avoid overusing the automated operator and maybe damaging the motor, make sure the door is not caught on anything.
If the door is dragging, lagging, moving quicker or slower than usual during your daily checks, this is cause for concern, and your team should call a AAADM trained expert to evaluate the door.

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Simple Troubleshooting Steps Before Calling For Automatic Door Service and Repair

Nevertheless, before wasting a service call, Stanley, one of the major makers of automatic doors in the nation, suggests taking a few simple troubleshooting measures.

Make sure the door switch is turned “on.” Generally, the door switch is located beneath or to the side of the automatic door unit. Although it would seem obvious, there have been numerous instances when people have simply turned the device off as a joke.
Remove any glaring obstacles in the door’s route. A door that opens automatically SHOULD NOT be propped. Check the track beneath the door’s grooves for any noticeable debris as well. If at all feasible, remove it.
If the door is just not opening or closing, switch off the power for about 30 seconds, then try again.
If all else fails, we won’t. The Flying Locksmiths are security experts with AAADM certifications who are willing to assist you with any automatic door problems you may be having. We are here anytime you need us, from automatic door operator installation through automatic door maintenance and inspections.

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