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School Security Systems

We install school security systems. We take security very seriously that schools are a safe learning environment for all students.

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School Security Systems

School Security Systems

Concerns about school safety are growing on a daily basis as crime and violence in schools endure. As school administrators, you recognize the need of school security systems, but you may be unaware of the security technologies or the unique security difficulties that schools face.

However, we do. RapidHandy Houston Security Solutions is here to help you install sophisticated school security cameras, advanced access control, and alarm systems that create a secure learning and working environment for kids, instructors, and staff. We use our ten years of experience securing educational institutions to develop complete security solutions that improve safety and save lives.

We understand that school security systems can be costly, and that you need a security partner who will work with you to keep expenses down. We collaborate with firms who provide cutting-edge security technologies at a reasonable price for schools. School video surveillance systems, school door security systems, and school alarm systems are among our integrated security solutions for K-12 schools to colleges and universities.

School Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras are an important aspect of any school security plan. A correctly equipped security camera system in a school monitors common spaces, offices, classrooms, cafeterias, corridors, and stairwells on the inside, as well as the building perimeters, fences and gates, parking lots, and storage facilities on the outside.

Your CCTV cameras, which are monitored 24 hours a day, let you know who is on campus at crucial entry points throughout the school day and help deter crime and damage after hours. We combine school security cameras with additional technologies like school access control systems and alarm systems to improve security and offer you control over who enters and exits.

School Alarm Systems

Property crime, potential fatalities, severe injuries, and crippling costs can all be avoided with security alarm systems. Installers of school alarm systems must be aware of and follow the laws in their district or region. To keep residents safe while adhering to local laws and regulations, Safe and Sound Security’s team of skilled and licensed installers install UL-rated alarm systems and integrate them with school access control systems and CCTV.

School Access Control

Unauthorized individuals are prevented from entering a school using an access control system, which also alerts system users to suspicious conduct. When school access control systems are combined with a sophisticated IP surveillance camera system, every entrance point to the school is recorded and the film is saved for later inspection.

The film is available for law police or security professionals to evaluate in the event of a crime. Unauthorized access is also prevented by a school door security system because the doors automatically lock when closed.

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