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Government Security Systems

We’re Video Surveillance Cameras for Federal, State and Local Government Security System Installation Experts. Get in Touch with one of our Security Professionals for a Custom Built Solution.

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Government Security Systems

Video Surveillance Cameras for Federal, State and Local Governments

RapidHandy Houston Security Solutions can assist you in navigating the complex world of federal government security to create a comprehensive security plan that includes access control, intrusion detection and burglar alarm systems, government video surveillance systems, and life safety solutions.

Government Video Surveillance

Every security solution for government buildings includes surveillance cameras. A properly built system of government security cameras keeps an eye on common spaces, offices, courtrooms, stairwells, jails, and other locations on the inside, as well as the perimeters, fences and gates, parking lots, and storage facilities on the outside.

Government Alarm Systems

At government sites, security and alarm systems also serve as a line of defense against property crime, potential fatalities, severe injuries, and crippling costs. The provider you hire to install an alarm system for your government buildings must be familiar with and follow local legislation.

Government Access Control Systems

Government access control systems are designed to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the premises while also alerting government users to suspicious activity. Cameras capture film at every entry point, which is archived for subsequent inspection by security personnel and law enforcement if a crime happens, thanks to the integration of government access control systems with government surveillance camera systems.

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