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Property Management Security

Property Managers choose RapidHandy Houston Security Solutions as their preferred security system installers. Maintain the security of your apartment complex, condo complex, pools or large office.

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Property Management Security

Video Surveillance for Property Managers

We are the right partner for your surveillance needs because of our experience, award-winning security cameras, and ongoing US-based technical assistance.

Are you aware of who has access to your structure? The truth may be “no” when it comes to multi-tenant flats and office buildings. These facilities present particular security concerns that can best be addressed by limiting access to the facility and securing it after hours with a comprehensive property management security solution.

RapidHandy Houston Security Solutions designs and installs complex interior and outdoor commercial property security systems for multi-tenant office and apartment buildings, including security camera systems and intercom systems.

Security Camera Systems for Offices and Apartment Buildings

We protect your property with an integrated system that comprises video surveillance cameras for video surveillance, glass break detectors for doors and windows, and motion detection sensors to track any movement.

Our complete property security solutions take into account security hazards both inside and outside the structure, and come with a set of controls that allow you to manage access to multiple properties from anywhere.

Intercom Systems for Offices and Apartment Buildings

Intercom systems are an important aspect of the security of multi-tenant buildings. Residents and commercial building tenants can interact with visitors, handle deliveries, and restrict entrance to the property by installing a wireless intercom system in an apartment building or office complex.

Visitors can communicate with residents using intercom systems, which can be integrated with video surveillance cameras to improve communication and security. Property managers may regulate building access from anywhere with smart intercom systems that link with iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Property Management Security Security Cameras

Access Control for Property Management Security

Alarm Systems for Property Management Security

Mobile Video Surveillance for Property Management Security

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