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3 Brivo Access Control Add-Ons

Consider installing an access control system if protecting sensitive information or expensive equipment is critical to your company’s success. You may give or prohibit access to essential places while enabling your employees to go where they need to go using an access control system. Brivo Access Control is an excellent choice.

Brivo Access Control is an innovative unified technological framework that combines physical access control with video surveillance. Houston Security Solutions, as an authorized dealer, has installed over 500 Brivo access control doors. Brivo Access Control is popular among our clients since it is simple to use. It is accessible from everywhere and requires minimum servicing expenditures and replacements.

Leading supplier of cloud-based access control services is Brivo Access Control. Their goal is to give property managers, renters, workers, and visitors with Simply Better Security Solutions that enhance user experiences.

The Brivo Access control system offers a secure cloud-based physical access management solution that enables remote monitoring, administration, and control of your facilities. You can accomplish anything with Brivo Access Control, including opening doors, recording surveillance, and issuing access licenses to new employees and contractors.

Additionally, you may create a security system that meets the demands of your company by adding extras like Brivo Mobile Pass, Brivo Visitor Management, and Brivo Access Cam.

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Unlock Doors Using Brivo Mobile Pass

A mobile credential called Brivo Mobile Pass enables users to open doors using their smartphones. By enabling access management via smartphones without the need for new door scanners, Brivo’s Mobile Pass application, which is accessible on both iOS and Android, revolutionizes physical security. Physical keycards and readers have a smartphone partner in the form of Brivo Mobile Pass. It works with the door reader systems in use today.

Brivo Access Control Installers, Brivo Access Control Systems

A cloud-based mobile credential system, Brivo Mobile Pass is a component of the Brivo On Air network. An email invitation to Brivo Mobile Pass is sent by the Brivo On Air administrator to a specific user. By clicking the “Add” button in the email, the user may activate Brivo Mobile Pass on their phone.

The user is now able to unlock doors just like they would with a keycard, but because Brivo Access Control‘s cloud authentication is cloud-based, it is far more secure. Similar to keycards, the administrator has the authority to cancel Brivo Mobile Passes at any moment.

Track People using Brivo Visitor Management

A visitor management tool called Brivo Visitor is available to commercial establishments that employ kiosk companies to monitor visitors to their offices. In addition to visitor identification and photo capture, delivery management, arrival alerts, badge printing, configurable processes, and data logging to the same central database, Brivo Visitor interfaces with the company’s flagship OnAir access control product.

By combining guest management and access control into a single system, administrators can streamline security and enforcement while providing a secure, straightforward visitor experience. The solution enhances security in reception areas of private business suites, freestanding offices, and multi-tenant commercial buildings.

Additionally, all of your workers are stored in the database using Brivo Visitor Management, a supplement to Brivo Access Control. A guest can select the person they are visiting from the database when they arrive. An email will be automatically sent to the employee by the system. The staff may provide the visitor a mobile pass with a single button press, enabling you to monitor where they travel during their visit.

Additionally, you may create your own interactive COVID-19 screening process using Brivo Visitor Reporting. During the guest check-in process, you may design a personalized quiz regarding the health of your guests to assist you in determining if they would constitute a health concern.

Brivo Access Control

Brivo Visitor has built-in data integration that synchronizes with the client’s main business security systems. The same website and mobile device suite that clients are currently familiar with includes visitor control.

Brivo Access Cam

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Houston Security Solutions is aware that you want to be certain that your building is completely secure. You must have a dependable video surveillance system that will expand with your business and have the appropriate cameras for each region of your building if you want to do that.

A customizable camera-to-cloud recording system that offers real-time images of a facility is called the Brivo Access Cam. By connecting access control issues to video, the Brivo Access Cam streamlines incident investigations. With this system, your video is stored in the cloud for remote access and loss mitigation.

Access control solutions are necessary for organizations of all sizes to safeguard sensitive data. Access control and video surveillance may be combined into a single user interface using an access control system like Brivo Access Control. Utilize add-ons like Brivo Mobile, Brivo Visitor Management, and Brivo Access Cam to get the most out of your Brivo system.

To find out more about Brivo Access Control, contact Houston Security Solutions right away. To create the greatest security solution for your company, we’ll collaborate with you.

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