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Video Surveillance & Monitoring Systems

You must evaluate threats, decide your safety objectives, and study the various solutions to select the most effective one or combine many kinds for a more complete outcome in order to assure the superior security of any business object. As a result, you can spend money on fire detection equipment, access control systems, or intrusion alarm systems.

Without well-built and professionally placed video surveillance systems, it would be difficult to secure your facility or organization, find and stop illegal activity, and manage all business-related procedures.

Video Surveillance Systems

Top Reasons Why The Installation Of Security Video Systems Is Imperative

CCTV cameras help reduce dangers that might prevent your business from running smoothly by increasing the rate at which theft is detected, resolving contentious situations quickly and painlessly, and increasing the rate at which theft is detected. Let’s explore some further justifications for funding this kind of security services.

Avoiding intrusion, burglary, the theft of valuables, and damage. According to statistics, the installation of cameras deters criminals from conducting robberies and other crimes. So, any object that lacks video surveillance equipment is more at risk, susceptible to assaults, and more vulnerable.

Criminals are constantly searching for simple targets, so if they learn that their intended victim has a built-in monitoring system, they are more likely to avoid them.

In addition to preventing illegal intrusion, security cameras can:

  • Be successful in minimizing harm brought forth by activities including the intentional destruction of private property;
  • Provide documented proofs and evidence that will aid in the search for and capture of offenders and further police inquiry;
  • Maintain constant observation of restricted-access areas and items.
  • Create a risk-free, secure atmosphere for workers to increase workplace safety.

Excellent helpers for guards. For professionals whose job it is to provide outstanding protection, real-time monitoring of the defined region or facility may be incredibly beneficial. For instance, an outdoor video surveillance system that is intended for exterior installation may assist security personnel in expanding their coverage area, managing parking, and spotting unwanted entrance attempts.

Yet, there is technology available that allows for easy broadcasts to be viewed from security cameras on monitors and PCs. So, it might be advantageous to business owners as well as guards.

Keep an eye on the work-in-progress and employee performance. Regrettably, internal threats can occasionally pose the biggest harm to a company. Yet, the video surveillance system may be utilized to document unlawful workplace behavior. It is possible to identify an employee’s wrongdoing, such as theft, by documenting the actions within the company.

While weighing the costs and advantages of video monitoring, it is important to take into account the ROI that you will receive from a comprehensive strategy that includes preventative actions, such as video surveillance. With choosing professionals who are devoted to quality, you will get peace of mind and the latest approach to security. Thefts might impair your company’s effective existence.

If you want to choose the best professionals from the pool of available video surveillance companies, look for prompt technical support, knowledgeable engineers who can design and install systems of any level of complexity, extensive experience in carrying out commercial projects, and transparency in the services offered.

One of those companies is Houston Security Solutions, which not only offers unique and personalized solutions but is also prepared to take on the most challenging jobs to satisfy clients to the fullest.

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Discover why thousands of companies have Access Control System

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Robust Video Solutions For Any Type Of Business

High-end video surveillance systems from Houston Security Solutions offer the finest, most economical, and long-lasting solutions. Each CCTV system is meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of each customer. The specialists at Houston Security Solutions are skilled in making use of IT infrastructures, security camera systems, and best practices.

Our ability to create and implement extremely complicated solutions for a variety of applications is our main strength.These solutions safeguard personnel and assets, do away with erroneous liability claims, stop and deter theft, and still operate within your budget.

Security Camera Installation, Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance benefits:

  • Risk management
  • Prevent frivolous lawsuits
  • Visual proof
  • Effective theft deterrence
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Safer work environment
  • Increased productivity
  • Curtail sexual harassment
  • Monitor safety policies
  • Cloud based design for video storage

Key features of video surveillance:

  • Motion detection
  • Remote viewing
  • Alarm notification
  • External triggers for alarms
  • Playback & export
  • Search & find
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom Control
  • Customized Storage Control

Ideal for Large Scale Surveillance

For any sort of organization, even enormous corporations that need to monitor vast regions, we can install video surveillance systems. Our staff has the expertise required to precisely plan out camera placement, direction, and other factors. We have different types of cameras, whether you require fixed location cameras, wide-angle cameras, or moving cameras to cover bigger regions.

We can guarantee that your complete facility may be constantly watched over by employing a method that assures overlapping coverage of key locations.

If your company operates out of more than one physical site, we can integrate the security cameras from all of those locations into a single, centralized system. This will enable you to oversee the entire company from a single place. Also, each site may have access to its own camera feeds.

We employ cutting-edge technology to power our security systems, ensuring that you can achieve the precise outcomes you want now and in the future.

Exceptional Return on Investment

Because of the price, businesses may hesitate to deploy modern video surveillance systems. Our surveillance systems are extremely reasonably priced, but in addition, after installing these systems, businesses frequently see excellent returns on their investments. A contemporary surveillance system may help you save money on costs like theft, shrinkage, employee idle time, legal risk, and much more.

In addition, when a monitoring system is installed, the majority of company insurance policies provide a sizable discount. Several of our clients have gotten in touch with us again after the system was deployed to inform us that it has already paid for itself through these and other significant advantages.

Access Control Installers

Join UPS Stores Using Access Control

With Cloud Based Access Control, UPS Stores can regulate and track who enters its facility for PO Boxes.

Free Security Consultation
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Full Service Security Solutions

At Houston Security Solutions, we provide our clients with more than simply “out of the box” surveillance systems. Our staff provides personalized security solutions made to meet your demands. We can assist you with all you want, whether you’re seeking for simple video surveillance or something more sophisticated. To further secure your company, we can also offer access control systems, intrusion detection, fire alarms, and a range of other services.

Set Up a Consultation Today

Please get in touch with one of our customer service representatives to arrange a free consultation if you’re curious to learn more about video surveillance systems. We’ll send a security specialist to your home or business to discuss all of your options and to start setting up the system. This kind of session is completely free of charge and a terrific way to learn more about all your alternatives before making a choice.

Commercial security cameras for business

  • Business security cameras with enhanced coverage and IR that improve situational awareness
  • Video analytics with AI to find incidents
  • Hours of video are easily sorted through by Video Search to locate a suspicious person or vehicle.
  • Integrates with third-party ONVIF® compliant platforms
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