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When it comes to your workplace, security is of the utmost importance. No matter what industry you work in, you need a holistic security system that keeps your business-critical data, equipment and people safe.

The locks on your doors are a crucial component of any complete security system, but which kind of lock should you pick? To keep your property secure, there are two major kinds of electromagnetic locks that may be used: fail safe electromagnetic locks and fail secure electromagnetic locks.

Let’s examine fail secure vs. fail safe, what they are, and how they vary from one another.


What exactly are fail safe magnetic door locks?

A typical sort of lock that needs energy to keep it locked is a fail safe lock. These may be opened by presenting a legitimate credential, such as a keycard or a fob. The power is momentarily interrupted, allowing the door to open.

In the event of a power outage, the door will be entirely opened, enabling individuals to enter and exit the space and ensuring the safety of your personnel. They are a common option for primary access doors and entrance points like office doors since they allow for simple escape in the case of an emergency or natural catastrophe.

If the power goes out, emergency responders may still enter buildings by using fail safe locks on the entrance and exit doors or classroom locks.

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On the other hand, fail secure items, such as a fail lock, need electricity to open. If your electricity goes out or fails, your doors will stay shut from the outside, keeping the room safe. The major difference between a fail safe and a fail security is that the former remains locked even if the power goes off, whilst the latter does not.

Commercial doors with fail safe magnetic door locks will stay locked from the outside if there is a power outage. A fail secure magnetic door lock, however, may be manually opened from the inside. Hence, even while fail safe locks make it more difficult for strangers to enter during an emergency, anybody within the room may still easily exit. To enable for emergency escape, this sort of lock may also be bypassed.

This particular fail safe electronic lock does, however, provide more security. A fail safe lock is thus an excellent option for spaces that need extra security or strong secure locks, such server closets or spaces with priceless data or equipment.


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Which form of electromagnetic lock do you need—fail safe or fail secure?

Now that you are aware of the distinction between fail safe and fail secure locks, which one do you need for a business or office setting?

To be sure you’re following local laws, it’s crucial to verify your area’s construction standards and emergency system restrictions.

Nonetheless, in general, it makes sense to employ fail safe locks in busy locations where people are constantly entering and exiting. In the case of a crisis, a person’s life will be saved by a company that offers emergency services.

In locations like these, you may want to think about using fail safe doors:

  • main entrances
  • inner entrances, such as to corridors
  • entrances to private offices
  • Rooftops \sGarages
  • Stairwells that need re-entry

The main benefit of fail safe locks is how simple they make it for your team members to enter and exit. Yet, this is also one of its biggest drawbacks. When fail safe locks become unlocked after a power outage, any unauthorized individuals may enter your property at this time. You may not want to depend on this sort of lock for areas of our building that are really business-critical since fail safe security only goes so far.

To guarantee that all of the most crucial portions of your property are safeguarded at all times, it is crucial to have both kinds of locks installed in your building. Consider utilizing fail secure locks in places like:

  • mail rooms
  • server rooms

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Whenever security is an issue, fail secure locks should be utilized. They make sure that even in the case of a total power loss, no illegal entry may be made to the most crucial portions of your facility.

According to national construction rules, fire doors must have fail secure electric strikes to fulfill latching criteria. Since they lack the positive latching necessary for fire safety, fail safe locks cannot be utilized. In order to keep fire doors closed under the pressure of a fire, positive latches, which automatically catch when a door shuts, are required.

With fail safe and fail secure locks, there is often no price difference. Nevertheless, fail safe doors need a continuous power source to be locked, which may increase the overall cost of the lock during its lifespan. When you’re looking for a place to live, you may want to consider a place where you can get some exercise.

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You may combine convenience and security by using a mix of fail safe and fail secure locks. But, access locks perform best when used in combination with a more complete access system solution.

With fail safe doors or fail secure locks, a security system that is intended to safeguard people, property, and assets may reduce security risks, encourage lockdown safety, and guarantee that only authorized individuals can enter your doors.

The ability to see through the eyes of others is a feature of this technology. During lockdowns and crises, you may also use the door’s remote to control the temperature.

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Access control and free egress

Access control may make sure that everyone can exit a facility in the case of an emergency in addition to just allowing authorized personnel to enter. Will a closed door put people’s lives at jeopardy in your existing building during a power outage?

In the case of an emergency, it is crucial to make sure that everyone can exit securely. This is what is referred to as “free egress,” and it is needed by law on every entrance in the structure. Your door locking system should provide free escape in the case of a power outage by either automatically switching the default lock state to open or by using fail safe electrified panic hardware trim.

In terms of emergency escape, fail safe and fail security locks are identical. Both kinds of locks enable individuals to leave a room, corridor, or building safely; the terms “fail safe” and “fail secure” only apply to entrance.

In the case of an emergency evacuation, fail secure lock strike plates may still permit human operation from the inside, overriding the lock function. There is no need to fear that if you have a fail safe lock, it would be difficult for your employees to depart your property in case of an emergency since everyone can still simply exit the building.

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When it comes to security, fail safe is preferable than fail secure.

You can make sure your property is well-protected if you have a better awareness of the distinctions between fail safe and fail security locks, as well as between fail secure magnetic door locks and fail secure electromagnetic door locks. A thorough security system will protect your people and assets regardless of the industry you work in, from manufacturing to retail. A combination of fail safe doors, fail secure locks, and access control management software will offer the appropriate level of security to keep you safe and relieve your mind.

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